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Does anyone know the most reliable and complete source(s) for finding a teaching job in Pennsylvania?

I have been a teacher in Maryland for 1.5 yrs and am going on my 5th year of teaching in New Jersey, but am looking into moving to PA. Since I do not currently live there, I am looking for a thorough source to scope out public school job opportunities, salaries, decent districts, etc. I will probably end up moving into Lehigh, Northhampton or Carbon county so that my husband can still commute to his teaching job in Jersey. Any thoughts/info/suggestions about good sources or info? Info on teaching liscense transfer would be helpful as well! Thanks so much! :)

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    It's a tough job market in PA, but I've heard there are a few growing markets in some ofthe northern suburbs.... a few districts are even building some new schools.

    There's a website I used to belong to a couple of years ago-- it had education job listings.... and it also had connections good information on reciprocity & liscence transfer.... it's a subscription site, but it wasn't expensive and had lots of good information. If you're interested, you can find it by going to: and then scrolling down and looking for the education job link.

    Good luck on your move and your job search.

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    I just lost my job with Florida Virtual School due to state wide budget cuts and layoffs. 75 adjunct positions were cut, and they are cutting more each month. I was part time, so it's not a huge dent to our monthly income, but it will hurt. But we are thankful my husband, an administrator, still has a job, they cut about 20 admin positions in the county and several hundred teaching positions. Education receives state money, supplemented in some state depts by federal money. Right now the economy is in a recession (in my opinion, though the 'experts' won't say that) and we are all feeling it. Education and law enforcement are usually some of the first professions to get the axe, 2 professions where we need more help than anyone. If you are looking to work FULL time and are National Board Certified (I only say that since you are in AL not FL) Florida Virtual School is hiring full time instructional staff, you can do it from AL. It's a lot more work than classroom teaching and you have no summers, no Christmas, no spring break, etc...but the pay is decent and you work from home, if you are desperate for a job, this may be an avenue you can look into. Email me for more details. :)

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    I recently moved from Illinois to Kentucky. I used the Internet to find the state board of education and the school district in which I wanted to work. They usually have websites that will tell you all you need to know. I even applied online and interviewed with the district over the telephone. Once I was certified by the state and accepted by the school district, I had to work with the local district personnel office to secure an interview.

    I just completed my first year as a certified teacher in KY after 10 yrs. of certified teaching in Illinois. Just google the state website.

    Good luck!

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