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Hitman Blood Money Question.?

I just bought the trio, awsome so far...

I'm on a mission right now now not sure what its called but this is the plot.

A gang member is throwing a party for his son. The house is gaurded by FBI through whitness protection..

The mission is to kill him and still some "MICRO FILM" . So far i could get in the house i know how i'm going to kill him..but i cant find the "MICRO FILM" so where can i find that?..

thanks for any tips on this.


If thats the case, do i get it by riging the BBQ then fishing it out of the pool? Thanks im giong to go try that.

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    The microfilm is in the necklace of the wife/girlfriend. The one in the white bikini if I remember correctly.

    Good luck!

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    Here is a great way to get a silent assassin on that mission and it's fast. (yes, i wrote this tutorial.)

    First, go to the donuts in the food delivery truck. Wait untill the gaurd on the left side of the house (the side with the camera) comes and leaves again. Now, sedate the donuts and take them to the van in front of the house. Open the van door, quickly put the donuts down, and run away. The gaurd will pick them up. This should sedate both gaurds.

    Once the gaurds are asleep, go inside the van and put on one of their suites. Now, go inside of the house and into the basement. If you look around, there should be a gas can on one of the shelves that you can pick up. Once you have it, go back to the 1st floor and into the backyard with the pool. On the other side, there should be a grill. Go up to it and it should give you the option to rig it. Once you have, just wait untill a lady who looks drunk walks up to it. She will turn it on and will catch on fire. Wait untill she falls into the pool, then go into the pool and up to her body. It should give you the option to take her neckless, which has the microfilm in it.

    Now, go back to the front of the house and up to the garage. Make sure no one is looking, and break the fuse box, which is next to the garage. Now go inside and into the room with the tv. If the guy that your supposed to kill is not there yet, then wait for him and his body gaurd. Once they are in there, the body gaurd should go outside to fix the fuse. Quickly strangle the guy after the body gaurd has left the room. Then drag his body and store him in the closet that's right behind the chair he sits in. Do this before the gaurd comes back!

    Then, go to the van where you left your suite and put it on. Now, finish the mission by going back to where you first started. It should give you a silent assassin rating.

    Another way to get a silent assassin, which is kind of fun to try, is to sedate (or knock out by holding them hostage and pressing A on "knock out victim") everyone in and around the house without getting caught at all. Then, just kill the guy and take the wife's necklace. (I actually somehow managed to do this, and got the silent assassin.)

    Also, Hitman Blood Money is a great game. Can't wait to see the movie!!!

    Source(s): I have the game.
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    The micro film is the moms necklace. The best way to get it is dress up as the pool guy and go by her when shes by the pool, then she'll ask you to follow her upstairs to a room, follow her to the room then she freshens up and decides to go to sleep once shes asleep take the necklace and the objective will be complete

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