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Does the made up condition ADHD or ADD cause murders? Are the drug companies and psychiatrists to blame?


If you haven't noticed, most haven't since the media covers it up, almost ALL of the cases of mass murder in recent years involve one or more drugs linked to depression and or the treatment of ADD or ADHD. Are the corrupt doctors and pharmaceutical companies to blame? Or stupid Americans who buy this crap

Update 2:

Andrea Yates, in one of the most heartbreaking crimes in modern history, drowned all five of her children – aged 7 years down to 6 months – in a bathtub. Insisting inner voices commanded her to kill her kids, she had become increasingly psychotic over the course of several years.

Yates had been taking the antidepressant Effexor. In November 2005, more than four years after Yates drowned her children, Effexor manufacturer Wyeth Pharmaceuticals quietly added "homicidal ideation" to the drug's list of "rare adverse events." But "rare" is defined by the FDA as occurring in less than one in 1,000 people. And since, according to an Associated Press report, about 19.2 million prescriptions for Effexor were filled in the U.S. alone in 2005, that means statistically almost 20,000 Americans could experience "homicidal ideation" – that is, murderous thoughts – as a result of taking just this one antidepressant drug.

Update 3:

Columbine mass-killer Eric Harris was taking the widely prescribed antidepressant Luvox when he and fellow student Dylan Klebold went on a hellish school shooting rampage in 1999, killing 12 students and a teacher and wounding 24 others before turning their guns on themselves.

Luvox manufacturer Solvay Pharmaceuticals concedes that 4 percent of children and youth taking Luvox developed "mania" – a serious mental derangement characterized by extreme excitement and delusion – during short-term controlled clinical trials.

Authorities investigating Cho Seung-Hui, who murdered 32 at Virginia Tech in April, reportedly found "prescription drugs" for the treatment of psychological problems among his possessions. Joseph Aust, Cho's roommate, told the Richmond Times-Dispatch Cho's routine each morning had included taking prescription drugs.

Update 4:

Patrick Purdy's 1989 schoolyard shooting rampage in Stockton, Calif., was the catalyst for the legislative frenzy to ban "semiautomatic assault weapons" in California and the nation. The 25-year-old Purdy, who murdered five children and wounded 30, had been on Amitriptyline, an antidepressant, as well as the antipsychotic drug Thorazine.

Kip Kinkel, 15, murdered his parents in 1998 and the next day went to his school, Thurston High in Springfield, Ore., and opened fire on his classmates, killing two and wounding 22 others. He had been prescribed both Prozac and Ritalin.

In 1988, 31-year-old Laurie Dann went on a shooting rampage in a second-grade classroom in Winnetka, Ill., killing one child and wounding six. She had been taking the antidepressant Anafranil as well as Lithium, long used to treat mania.

Update 5:

In Paducah, Ky., in late 1997, 14-year-old Michael Carneal, son of a prominent attorney, traveled to Heath High School and started shooting students in a prayer meeting taking place in the school's lobby, killing three and leaving another paralyzed. Carneal reportedly was on Ritalin.

In 2005, 16-year-old Native American Jeff Weise, living on Minnesota's Red Lake Indian Reservation, shot and killed nine people and wounded five others before killing himself. Weise had been taking Prozac.

In another famous case, 47-year-old Joseph T. Wesbecker, just a month after he began taking Prozac, shot 20 workers at Standard Gravure Corp. in Louisville, Ky., killing nine. Eli Lilly, which makes Prozac, later settled a lawsuit brought by survivors.

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    I think that it is so unfair for people like you to just think that no body has any kind of problems and that all parents that put their kids on meds are full of ****. In most of the cases where people do kill or do bad things they are usually off of their meds at the time the crimes were committed. This does not excuse what they did in any way but if they were still on their meds they may not have done it. No two people are alike and I am happy that you are in good health and that you never needed meds. But at the same time do not dismiss the people that have to face life everyday with a child or loved one that does in fact need meds. Normal is a setting on a washing machine. NO one person should judge what people do. And to blame the crimes on the doctors and drug companies is just your way of excusing the crimes and trying to put the blame on someone else. all the people that you have mentioned are either doing jail time or is in a hospital getting the help they need.

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    Taking a pessimistic view I see...

    I prefer to the think of the severely depressed woman that is now able to face being a parent of a newborn child

    I think of the kid who is now able to play games with his brothers and sisters, is able to concentrate on his homework, and excels at school, and is able to make and maintain friendships

    I think of a couple that had no hope of conceiving a child and starting a family of their own given new hope

    I think of a man that is able to cope with the stresses of work, shows affection to his wife, and spends lots of time with his children that he otherwise wouldn't have

    All of those were made possible by pharmaceuticals.

    Or the countless crimes that would have happened by all of the same people that use the same drugs you pointed out if they were not able to have any help with their problems.

    1% of a stat is very low when you consider the other 99%, and what could have been.

    Open your eyes my friend...

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