Where's the best place for free paino sheet music?

I'm looking to be able to print it, and I'd like a good selection to choose from. Not much else! I thought that a friend told me there's a way to search Google for sheet music, is there a way? If so, what is it?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I download the midi files from the internet. I have a whole collection of them. They are all free. Say, you want John Denver or Mozart, search for "john denver midi" or "mozart midi". Beware, some purport to be midi sites but lead you to circularly repeating advertising web pages.

    Some midi files come with ensemble of other instruments.

    If the midi is not classical piece - it probably would not have a piano staff.

    I have music notation editing software. I import the midi file into the software. I use the sheet music editting software to remove the unwanted staffs. If you are musically trained, you would know which two staffs to retain for the LHS (left hand side) and RHS of the piano. Most times it's safe to use the vocals as the RHS and the base guitar as the LHS.

    Sometimes I have to quantize the notes. If you are musically trained, you would recognise that a 4/4 piece should not have 16th or 32nd notes all over and therefore needs quantisation.

    Sometimes I have to split a staff or combine staffs.

    The software is only about $30 to $50. Well worth it. Some are really expensive and have features you barely need. One of them is free but it runs on linux and require some technical savvy to set it up.

    By editing the sheet yourself, you get to exercise your arrangement skills. You get to familiarise with the sheet. You get to emphasize parts to focus on. You get to arrange the spacing and sizes that best suits you.

    In fact, I think this is what most internet surfing piano players do to get free sheet music.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Have you tried pianonanny.com? They have piano sheet music, plus they have free lessons! I think you should try it, because it helped me.


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