Help with money on millsberry?

Will you please help me get some millsbucks. my username is jamdawg and my password is zrock965. Thanks

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    Game(Points required for Trophy)[Category]

    GDA (500)[Civics] - try to trap the ball between your paddle and the planet so it ricochets back and forth. You can get a lot of points that way.

    Match Wanted (940)[Civics] - make large combinations. They are worth more points.

    Peabody Park Cleanup (2519)[Civics] - Run in straight lines around the edge of the board and then make one large X from the lower right to the upper left and from the lower left to the upper right. You can pick up most of the pieces that way.

    Peabody Park Half Pipe (4651)[Athletics] - ride back and forth until you are flying high and then do combination tricks like a backflip with a double kickflip.

    Sherman Homerun Derby (10000)[Athletics] - be patient and try to not move around in the batter’s box too much.

    Hide & Seek (500)[Intelligence] - Try to learn the names of the characters that are shown in the game and work in groups of 4. If your first 4 are Lucky, Rabbit, Mrs. Seashore and Coach Danner keep repeating those names in order in your mind as you uncover the next tiles. When you find a match for one of those 4 (let’s say Mrs. Seashore) go back to the start and add another one to the list of 4 so now you’re looking for Lucky, Rabbit, Coach Danner and Rosie Ruiz. Concentrate on those 4 until you match one…etc.

    Countdown (3126)[Intelligence]- as you get to more complex equations do the math based on the last 2 digits for example) 29+44 just add the 9 adn the 4 and then look for an answer that ends in a 3. There will likely be only one answer that ends in that digit.

    Lucky’s Charmed Life (1250)[Intelligence]- try to run as fast as possible. You are faster than the kids and in most cases you can avoid them. Always collect ALL the bonus charms on every level for maximum points.

    Rope Race (785)[Athletics] - Use F11 to expand the window to Full Screen so you do not click off it and play on a large surface so you have lots of room to use your mouse.

    Wave Blaster (1201)[No category, prize of a Sylvie Sofa] - use the ‘double’ shooter to make maximum hits with a minimum of wasted shots. Shoot only when you need to shoot because wasted shots cost you points.

    Hop & Drop (450)[Athletics] - play on the hard level and keep practicing until you have memorized the proper routes for each level.

    Peanut Butter Toast Crunch Swirl (591)[No stats category, prize of Cereal (in addition to trophy)] - The game is entirely random. You can try dropping each piece from the same location but there is no guarantee that it will fall in the same location every time.

    Slap Shot Shootout (1800)[Athletics] - Choose better shooter and stay in one location shooting repeatedly at the same spot on the goal. I prefer shooting at the left side of the goal. Shoot repeatedly, do not stop for anything.

    Lucky Charms Sudoku (1000)[Intelligence] - Play the game repeately to get familar with the structure and stragegy. DO NOT use hints as they reduce your score.

    Peabody Park Fishing (No score given)[No category, prize of fish or other items pulled from the pond] - there is no trophy for this game. You can get fish (to eat), diamond necklaces, divers helmets, old teddy bears, and soggy boots from the pond.

    Snowboard Slalom (1500)[Athletics] - you need to have 100% health stats and 100% athletics stats to unlock Kelly (third character in the game). Once you have kelly do a double backflip for 160 points. That will help you get a score high enough for the trophy. NOTE: Controlling Kelly is difficult and does require some practice.

    Solver (443)[Intelligence] - Play often and you will see familiar patterns and sets of letters. The more you memorize the high your score can go.

    Sink the 3 (1586)[Athletics] - Play on a slow computer using Opera or Mozilla Firefox and play on the largest size possible to have your window at maximum size and make the green bar more visible.

    Archery (No trophy)[Athletics] - Try to shoot balloons at higher heights because you earn more points.



    To raise your health you have to feed your person a healthy diet consisting of all 5 food groups every day. The 5 groups on Mills are protein, grain, dairy, vegetable and fruit.

    I use two different diets to keep up my health and my health on all my accounts is at 100%.

    Diet #1:

    If your hunger level is grumbly or ‘lower’ eat the following:

    1. Fruit Salad

    2. Green Salad

    3. Cheeseburger

    If you are still not ‘completely full’ after eating those three items try adding another salad or fruit salad.

    Diet #2:

    If your hunger level is comfortably full or higher.

    1. Lasagna (found on page 2 of the deli section of the grocery store)

    2. Fruit Salad

    Then if I’m still not “completely full” I supplement with the cereal from Chip’s Grabbing machine.

    You can also groom to raise your health 1 point per day. Put one of the toiletry items in your house (i.e. a hairbrush) and click on it. On the menu that pops up in the lower left hand corner you will see a ‘groom’ option. Click that and it will pop up a window that says grooming contributes to good health and it will raise your health 1 point. It can be done only once per day.

    If you eat this diet every day you should see your health rise. It will rise more quickly if it is low (in the 20s for example) than it does when it is high (in the 80s for example) but it will eventually reach 100%.

    I’ve done some testing on the idea that drinking water or changing your clothing raises your health level, but I’ve found that it has no impact whatsoever.

    ***Money Making

    Playing games is by far the best way to make money in Millsberry but there are also some other things you can do to make extra millsbucks.

    First, always check out the coach danner link on the millsberry main page (make sure you are logged in when you do it). It will link you to another millsberry recommended site like and will give you MB just for visiting the site. The current link is not working but if you wait until Thursday it usually changes. Often it’s 1000 MB just for visiting the linked site.

    If you don’t have one already make sure you open a bank account. Put as much money as possible into your account. You will earn interest on your money every day. As you collect the interest your bank account balance will grow and as you deposit more money you get more interest.

    Yard Sale, Yard Sale, Yard Sale. If you shop at yard sales yourself buy all the bargains that you see (for example if you find someone selling leaf layered skirt for 10 MB buy it!). Then re-sell your bargains for slightly higher prices (like selling your 10 MB skirt for 15). You should be able to sell things fairly quickly if you keep your prices low and even if you’re not making huge profits on each item doing a lot of volume sales can get you lots of money quickly. Trophies are another great thing to sell in Yard Sales.

    ***Finally, here are the locations for the hidden art class canvases:

    There are 9 hidden pictures on Millsberry. You need 100% intelligence to unlock some of them so it’s best to make sure your intelligence is at 100% before you go searching for the canvases. If you have that this is where they can be located:

    1. The shoreline in lakeview. Go to “The City” then click on lakeview, and then click on the lakeshore

    2. The Westridge Crater. Again, click on “The City” then click on Westridge, click on the overhead shot of the crater, and click the crater itself.

    3. Red Lion Manor. Click on “The City” then click on Ravenwood and click on Red Lion manner. Wait about 60 seconds and you will see a leaf falling across the screen. Click on the leaf and that will unlock a canvas.

    4. In front of the community center the bunch of sunflowers closest to the left hand side of the sidewalk.

    5. In the cafeteria there is a young man at the back by the windows. Click him and he will unlock a canvas.

    6. In the chemistry lab click on the right of the two beakers on the table.

    7. In your basement. Click on “My Stuff” then click on Basement. In the picture of the basement that is displayed click on the teddy bear.

    8. Sylvie has a canvas. This one can only be received when she is giving out Sylvie Plushies as the day’s prize and 100% intelligence is required. Visit Sylvane Lake while Sylvie is out and click on her and you will not only get the plushie but you also get the canvas.

    9. There is a canvas hidden in the colehurst tunnels that can be dug up. I personally have not gotten this one because I don’t want my health to drop. From what I’ve heard this is rather random in who gets this canvas. It’s received when you dig up the colehurst portrait but I know people who have gone digging numerous times and have not gotten it.

    Source(s): I am a part of Millsberry. My user name is doggiechic.
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