What else can John D. Bates would do for the Bush Administration?

That guy should win an award. First he dismisses that case against Cheney now he dismisses Valerie Plames' lawsuit against the Admin. What an absolute crook! That whole dogone world knows the Bushies were responsible for leaking her name on purpose...except John D. Bates. Do ultra righties ever realize that at every crossroads in Human history there has been a liberal trying to create more liberty and a conservative trying to take it away.....Are they really that completely oblivious to logic????

Magan Carta

King(Conservative) Nobles(Liberals)


Lincoln(Liberal) Southern Slave owners(conservative)

War of Independence

King(Conservative) Rebels(Liberal)

I go back as far as the Pelopenessian war or even back to the Bible..on and on and on.....

These idiot pharisees(conservatives) and constantly trying to strangle truth.

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    1 decade ago
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    Man... i'm glad i'm not the only one looking at the history of this judge. He was appointed by John Roberts no less...

    This is getting so deep now, it looks like they might actually be able to bury it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It's all damage control. They (Bush Administration) must be sweating the consequences. I mean, this Iraq situation didn't go as plan and now they insist not to pull out. They give more credit to a Iraqi government that had flaws since 1948. Insisting that the better part of Middle East may one day convert to christianity or democracy. Being a former jughead I laugh at this sort of mentallity. Why, because you first have to understand what is at stake. Or do they think that muslims are going to take imperialism laying on their backs. If it took Spain over 800 years to push the moors out of the penninsula, do they think that Islam is going to close is doors to Madrasas. Think again, Any race such as the persian/arabs/mongols/moors that are larger than a million will cause USA a dangerous laisson to commit troops at the expense of opportunity. Again, is a simple term of logic, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Lybia and the list goes on-would they do knights of the round table with American colonist if America keep insisting on making their unwelcome presence on a continent such as the Middle East that is well over 2000 years old of fundamentalistic customs.

    You don't have to be really tune to keep it simple.

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