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How do i make my dogs dandruff go away?? Is there a homemade recipe that i can use?

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    oatmeal doggy shampoo works well and do not bathe to often

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    Head and Shoulders (for people) works for my dog. His coat is soft and shiny too! I give him a bath once a week and his skin isn't dry at all anymore.

    Vets usually carry special shampoos as well. My vet offered a couple that were about $8-$10, but Head and Shoulders was a little cheaper and more convenient.

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    If you had dandruff would you use a homemade receipe??

    Buy a dog shampoo that contains'll likely resolve the problem.

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    Cut out the mayo, the grapes (Why would you feed a carnivore grapes? They don't feed lions and wolves grapes at the zoo, I assure you), the flour, the chicken broth, and the chocolate. That leaves you with chicken breast. But don't cube it, dogs have teeth perfectly designed for chewing their food and don't need your help. But chicken breast isn't a balanced diet so add in some heart, liver, gizzards, kidney, green tripe and the like. Add a little salmon oil for Omega 3 and 6 and tada. You'll be feeding your dog the healthiest homemade diet possible, a raw (aka uncooked because, dogs don't have thumbs, start fires, nor do they cook, nor are they evolved (as we are) to eat cooked meat) prey modeled diet!!!

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    My dog used to have alot of dandruff. I bought him a "no-flake" shampoo from Petsmart and it didn't do anything for it. So I bought concentrated doggie conditioner and using it after the shampoo and really rubbing it in helped alot. Also, try to keep bathing to about once a month. The more you bathe, the more irritated his skin will be.

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    Try Johnson's Shampoo for Cradle Cap, the one they use on babies. Also add 1 teaspoonful of Evening Primrose to your dog's food once a day. This was recommended to me by my Vet for one of my puppies who had dandruff and it cleared up very quickly.

    Source(s): Golden Retriever Breeder
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    I use ProPet Natural Oatmeal shampoo- moisturizing, extra-thick formula. I got it at walmart. My dog is black so dandruff is really obvious-now he has none. Other people swear by a tsp or tbsp of olive oil in their food once a week or so- I wouldn't feel comfortable trying that myself.

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    Oatmeal and aloe dog shampoo and try to only bathe the dog once a month you can just rinse off paws or any dirty spots with a damp rag and use some pet cologne if the dog smells really bad.

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    Try not to bathe your dog. It just makes the problem worse by removing natural oils from your dogs skin/coat.

    Try getting some Salmon Oil as an Omega 3 supplement for your dogs coat/skin. It really works.

    Good luck.

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    try an oatmeal bath.or an oat shampoo.that should work.if not take it to the vt and see if they could prescribe something for it.

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