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Is there anyone who knows how the river Vah in Slovakia got Its name?

There seems to be no history on the Vah river or the Vah valley in

Slovakia. Can anyone tell me how the Vah river and the Vah valley

name originated? Were they always named that or were they

named after a certain family?

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    The Váh (Hungarian: Vág; German: Waag; Polish: Wag) is the longest Slovak river. A left tributary of the Danube river, the Váh is 403 km long. Its two sources, the Biely Váh (White Váh) and the Čierny Váh (Black Váh), are located in the High Tatras and Low Tatra mountains, respectively, and it flows over northern and western Slovakia and finally pours into the Danube near Komárno.

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  • Anonymous
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    excellent job DanE!

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