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Cloverfield JJ abrams????

does anyone know anything about the top secret film thats trailer was before transformers??????????i hear its like godzilla , or pokemon

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    There's a good discussion of what is really known (vs. just speculation) over at Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloverfield

    Note: Don't add rumors, they'll get deleted.

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    It's not Godzilla, because Paramount doesn't own the rights to Godzilla, and the owner of the Godzilla franchise has signed a contract not to sell until the year 2014 or so. And I don't think it's Pokemon or anything like that, since most of those cartoons and characters are owned by various studios. No one knows for sure, but it's been said that it's an original monster, not based on anything that's been done before. I also read that they're going to put out some new info about it in August. Hope this helps.

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    I am surprised no one else has tried looking up more of who is involved with the project. Pretty much everyone behind the camera has worked on Lost or Alias. Drew Goddard, who wrote "Cloverfield" also had a lot to do with the TV show Angel. This thing could be as much supernatural as it could be mythical. I truly think that this is not Godzilla. It is not Cthulu and it is not a LION. I was leaning toward Mechwarrior in the beginning but that I have done a little research about the crew it looks supernatural.

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    not each and every action picture desires a sequel. maximum sequels suck besides and would by no ability be made. i think of JJ Abrams and Drew goddard may well be greater valuable served arising with yet another theory extremely of growing to be a sequel to a action picture which may be exceedingly stupid to have a sequel to.

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    its says its a big monster movie. That is top secret no one has seen the script just the actors and the directors

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    JJ abrams knows about this moive. He is one of the few people who know.

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