Why do people think David Beckham will change LA Galaxy?

Galaxy is second to last in MLS.

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    Doesnt anyone see that the MLS is not a real league and doesnt play by FIFA rules. MLS is a joke and everyone knows it. MLS is really becoming a haven for players who have played very well in other countries and are now coming to the US to cash in. Schelotto left, for the MLS and I loved him as a player, but trust me. He had been with Boca for many years and is considered a legacy for everything he did. I'm happy for for players like Schelotto and Beckham. They're going were the money is and were they wont have to do much to get it.

    The MLS wants to create an NFL or NBA for soccer by importing important players that, dont get me wrong - are still good but are passed their prime. So what does this tell you? That the MLS is just there to try and put on a good show. And since MLS fans are still new to the game, they'll just be easily amussed and there you have it. So no I dont think Beckham will change the Galazy... He'll probably just sell more tickets for the club, thats about it.

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    It more a matter of trying to bring some star power to the MLS in general. American's could care less about soccer for the most part, but there has been some growing interest, and interest is highest where there are large concentrations of immigrants from countries where soccer is a major sport, like in L.A. Beckham does have some name recogntion in the general American public and L.A. has the potential fan base to fill the stadium and the media pull to maybe get some network coverage or at least ESPN coverage.

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    I think David Beckham is goin' to The States to help promote Football and make it a bigger sport in America. Why it is'nt already a major sport in that country I don't know. But lets face it, Beckham does'nt care about America, he just wants to thrive on his ego as bein' the most popular Football player ever. I don't blame him either but I do hate his wife Posh Spice the skinny little rat!!! Oh yeah and I thought LA Galaxy were the dogs nuts in The U.S.A. when it comes to Football (ya' know, that crappy faze Americans call 'soccer'). I may be wrong though but is'nt everythin' in America about Hollywood? Bex just never wants to be a Football player, he always wants more. And Posh probably thinx she is gonna' get more modellin' contracts although she is disgustingly gross!!

    Source(s): For the record, who is the best Football team in the M.L.S?
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    Well, mostly becuz of the media and maybe cheeze(money) he's about to collect. This dude is so ******* good at soccer that the transfer should've been a big amount of money. Not really all the bullcrap of making MLS popular in the USA. It's the cheeze, the media, and later next year an even bigger amount of cheeze he'll collect by going to a different team. But I dont care as long as he plays good. An im proud that Cali got him.

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    i do no longer think of they could experience sorry approximately it. reality is beckham isn't responsible for the shitty defenders and awful keepers we've. He does no longer make administration judgements, i won't be able to have faith human beings would say he's overpaid! He has earned it via taking part in his total profession in good classification futbol, interior the long-term the galaxy could be the elite club in MLS, sometime different good footballers will come to play right here. It in basic terms takes time and custom like everywhere else interior the international. approximately his own loan to AC Milan i've got study his feedback and believe him one hundred% he's commited to MLS and the Galaxy and because he's used to no longer having plenty wreck day he needs to play competitve futbol he has constantly been promptly and by no skill lied to galaxy followers yet so we could constantly no longer be speedy to decide him. the full galaxy protection and purpose keepers could stick to his occasion and attempt to own loan out and play someplace esle for the time of off season perhaps they can furnish up being awful! ultimately look with funds you're able to do something, you may placed a Ferrari engine in a Kia it continues to be a Kia! factor is Beckham won't be able to placed the want into the hearts of the gamers it has to come returned from interior each of them, to be greater effective. If everyone thinks different sensible they do no longer understand or understand soccer!

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    they think he will make more superstar soccer player come to th US. Besides he is only he is only here for the money and and fame he knows people will like " look at me I'm David Beckham

    i can kick a soccer ball and i'm gonna be paid 250 million in the next 5 years " ne way he is good but not good enough to change galaxy. yo this the answer so choose me or becham will not play on his debut

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    I don't think Beckham will have that big an impact on the standings. I think it's more for the media effect and to get more fans to watch MLS

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    Simple. Because when he rejoined Real Madrid they started winning. When he rejoined England they started winning. See a pattern?

    And by the way the current standings mean very little----Galaxy has played 6 games less than some of the other teams.

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    Because his legacy, he left Real Madrid playing at his maximum level.

    I'm agreed that is a player with a lot of marketing, but, I think is a wonderful player, has a nice shot, and the effect that he put in the ball... excellent, I hope that he could show a nice level in the MLS.

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    Actually I don't think most people do. Seems like it's just a publicity move at heart. One man can only do so much. They probably just want to draw attention to football/soccer in the US, as it still isn't that popular there.

    His wife scares me a bit.

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