Sacramento, San Jose, or Seattle? Why?

I live in Kentucky (I'm not a hillbilly with an strong accent, however, hehe.) I'm well traveled around the U.S., but I have not been to the west coast region. I think it's time I gave it a try.

I'm considering attending law schools in three cities. In terms of my cities of preference, Seattle tops, followed by San Jose and Sacramento (given what I've read about them.)

LA, SF, Oakland, San Diego, and Portland aren't even cities I'd consider.

Which of these three would you live in or otherwise strongly consider? Why? Give me info on attractions, weather, quality of life, how expensive it is, how friendly/helpful the people are, etc.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Hmm, it depends really on where you eventually want to practice law, or for that matter, what kind of law you want to specialize in. Intellectual property law is big on the west coast, if only because you have so many software companies in San Jose and Seattle that want to protect their businesses. Remember too that the law school you attend is essentially training you to pass the bar exam in the state you are studying in.

    Seattle is a lot more cosmopolitan than San Jose or Sacramento, but it is expensive, especially in regards to housing and gas. The weather is also a lot more pleasant than the latter two cities, which can get unbearably hot. I'm from Sacramento, and we had the air conditioner running all day during the summer. (Nights cool off pretty quickly, but with the crime in our neighborhood---I lived in the south side, which even then was pretty rough---you didn't want to leave the windows open after dark.) Seattle is moderately friendly at the person-to-person level, but traffic is crazy and drivers, frustrated by the long waits on the freeways and main thoroughfares, tend to be testy. The main freeway linking the various neighborhoods, I-5, is congested even on Sunday mornings and holidays. You also have to deal with the fact that Seattle is a tourist town, especially in the summer. Some places like Pike Place and Pioneer Square aren't that fun to be around from Memorial Day until Labor Day. That said, it's a lively city with lots to do and see. I can't really say that about either San Jose or Sacramento, which are still kind of sleepy in terms of night life and culture.

    Dunno if that is helpful. I have lived in all three cities, and frankly San Jose was my least favorite. Everyone packed up and went to the Bay Area for their weekend fun, leaving those of us who were broke and carless to mope. (Which reminds me, you need a car to get around Sacramento and San Jose: the public transportation isn't the best in either towns, though Sacramento now has a light rail system. Seattle has a pretty good bus system and the beginnings of a light rail system that connects Tacoma to Seattle, though they really need to expand that if it is going to be effective at getting people to surrender their cars!)

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    I live in the Bay Area and I would pick Seattle. There are too many extremist around here. Sacramento is too hot.

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    Detroit is nearly all black except for Mexican town with a few white people sprinkled in.

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