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How can I find a dentist who will make my currently normal occlusion extremely bucked?

I've always loved severely bucked teeth and now am ready to become what I've loved in others. In addition to the bucked part, I'd love to have my anterior occlusion made into an open bite. Are dentists allowed to perform such changes if their patients agree and, in fact, actually prefer them?

If anyone is knowledgeable about this, any time and cost estimates, given initial healthy dental structures with the age being mid fifties?


Though using the money to help another is a good, viable suggestion, one shouldn't assume I've never devoted my time, as a volunteer, for many a just cause; I have.

Heck, lots of people spend tons of money on fancy cars, expensive clothes, outrageous vacations and more. Why should this request be considered any different? In many ways it's quite similar (money spent, someone earns it, the economy goes on, and on, etc.).

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    I can't say that I would expect a dentist to agree to this (sorry!) due to the likelihood that other issues like difficulty in eating, speaking or larger issues like possible tooth loss, pain and complications would increase the possibility of you (and them) getting into a legal situation. Like an orthopedic surgeon refusing to do an amputation on a person who like to be an amputee.

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    Hmmmmmmmmmm...a negative cosmetic procedure that may cost you about $3600 if you just want the upper four front teeth crowned this way.......If you have dental insurance, I'm sure they won't cover it since there isn't anything cosmetically wrong with the teeth you currently have.

    The time frame can vary, depending on where the dentist's dental lab is located and what their turnaround time is for processing crowns...

    If you really want this drastic change, start getting some consultation appointments and get some quotes. You'll probably have to sign a bunch of forms stating you won't hold the dentist liable if you change your mind after the procedure is completed.........

    Best of Luck to you~

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    If I were you and I could find someone to do that kind of work, I wouldn't let that dentist come within 10 feet of my mouth!!! That is unethical and illegal and someone willing to do that kind of work should not have a license. Not to mention I wouldn't trust someone like that. Dentistry is part of the health profession and dentists have earned a degree because they are trained to CARE for the patient. Changing your normal occlusion no matter what your reason is not in your best interest as far as your health is concerned.

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    If we ever had a patient walk into our office with normal teeth and request that we RUIN his mouth.... we would ask him to leave IMMEDIATELY.

    No ethical dentist will knowingly ruin a patients mouth, even if the patient signs a request for this treatment.

    People spend thousands of dollars to correct the type of malocclusion that you seem to want. If you have so much money to throw around, help some poor kid who want to get his/her teeth straightened and doesn't have the money or insurance to cover it.

    I have little patience for patients like you.

    Source(s): working in a dental office 28yrs+
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    Save yourself $$ and the dentist's potential to lose his license: Go to a costume shop!! They'll have a variety of "looks" to choose from, and you can still maintain healthy teeth for when you get over this obsession!!

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