Help! Ear infection 4 year old!?

4 year old was taken to the doctor, there was no sign of infection, but she was prescribed ear drops any way, which did not work. Warm cloth, peroxide plain, then peroxide with vinegar, alcohol, ear wax removal kit, swimmers ear drops, and a few over the counter ear drops.... Does any one know any home remedies? Also another question is there any where you can find Colloidal Silver over the counter? Thank yoU!


All of those remedies were tried and did not work... ((sorry i forgot to fill that part in...))

Update 2:

just for the arrogant jerks who had there opinions... It has been over 3 weeks now... She has been to 2 different being a ENT specialist, and one emergency room visit, and none of them see an infection. I know she is not faking, she pulls on her ear and screams all night long for 3 weeks... I asked for remedies to ear infections not your opinion on what you believe is going "over board". Over board went out the window 2 weeks ago after she only had 5 hours of sleep over a weeks time. So don't say take her to a doctor... because I have.. and all three say the same thing, and don't say I am going over board until you have 3 kids one being 4 months old and having your 4 year old scream her head off for 3 weeks straight...

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    Bless your heart.

    Kudos on the peroxide - it needs to be food grade though.

    I'd definitely take the child to a chiropractor. . .

    Also - what about lymph massage? This could help a lot. I don't know where you live but I've found that most massage therapists can refer to a person who specializes in lymph massage.

    Here's what I found out from my Prescription for Natural Healing Book:

    Very Important: Colloidal Silver - (take as directed) natural antibiotic - can be taken orally or as an ear wash (look for it in an herb shop or a grocery store that contains fresh herbs (dont buy herbs at places like Walmart - they're dead - you'd be throwing away money)

    Very Important: Manganese - 10 mg daily (adult dose) - deficiency has been linked to ear disorders. (do not take as same time as calcium)

    Very Important: Vitamin C (childrens dose is 200 mg 4 times daily) boosts immunity and fights infection (there are chewables for children). Use an estrified or buffered form such as Ester-C or calcium or zinc ascorbate.

    Very Important: Zinc - 10 mg lozenge form daily for 5 days, then 50 mg daily in pill form. Do not exceed this amount (this is adult dosage - take it down quite a bit for a four year old).

    Also Important: Kyolic - EPA from Wakunaga (as directed on the label) to reduce inflammation and infection.

    Also Important: Vitamin B complex (adult dose is 50 mg of each major vitamin 3 x daily) - DO NOT TAKE AFTER LUNCH - THIS CAN KEEP YOU UP AT NIGHT - ITS AN ENERGY BOOSTER - will also turn pee bright yellow - important for immune function.

    Also Important: Vitamin E - (adult dose is 200 IU daily) - enhances immune function. Use d-alpha-tocopherol form (side note: Ive read if you dont get the d-alpha-tocopherol form, you might as well not even take it - if it's not in this form then it's man made. Man made vitamins and herbs are not desireable).

    To alleviate pain: place a few drops of warm garlic oil or olive oil in the ear, then a drop or two of lobelia or mullein oil. You can plug the ear loosely with a cotton ball. You can also make a paste using onion powder or clay and warm water, and apply the paste to the outside of the ear to relieve pain.

    Olive leaf extract helps the body fight infection.

    Avoid the most common allergenic foods: Wheat, dairy products, corn, oranges, peanut butter, all simple carbs, sugar, fruits, fruit juices.

    Apply hot and cold compresses alternately to the scalp just behind the ear.

    HOMEOPATHIC REMEDY: (I use homeopathics on my four year old ALL the time - they are completely safe for everyone - even infants and pregnant women) - Earache Tablets from Hylands' Inc - a herb shop will have these - sometimes walmart or a groc. store carries them too - they contain Belladonna, Calcarea Carbonica, Chamomilla, Lycopdium, Pulsatilla, and Sulfur.

    And. . .I know you've been to the doc more times than you should have. Maybe they're not getting it. You may have to be very forceful, maybe it would help to tell them noone in the house is sleeping, she is in severe pain, and you MUST receive help. I dunno, you may have already done this. The thing is, they have failed you thus far - this baby has been hurting waaaay too long and you're having to diagnose and treat your own child which is not right when you have been to so many doctors.

    Perhaps you can find a naturopathic doctor?

    I know that a good chiropractor could probably tell you what's going on.

    Good luck to you - I hope some of this helped.

    Edit: something else just occured to me - There's no way there's a bug, or a toy, or something else in there, right? I mean, I know that 4 year olds are curious and he/she learned that the doc can look IN her/his ear. So, now the child knows there's an "ear hole". I could see how a kid could go sticking something in there playing doctor afterwards - just a thought.


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    My son has also suffered from ear infections since he was small. He is also 4.

    My son had tubes put in his ears, but he still gets ear infections sometimes.

    There is an herbel drop for children that has natural benficial ingredients in it that help:

    This the brand that I use and it can be found at any Natural store:

    Also, Colodial Silver can also been found at a Natural Store as well.

    Good Luck

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    I had a child with chronic ear infections until I started using echinacea as a gentle anti-biotic for her. You can purchase it as a glycerite and it's very sweet and she will take it.

    I also gave her mullein tea with a bit of maple syrup daily as a prevention. It keeps the fluid out of the ear.

    My daughter was under one, your daughter is old enough to tolerate goldenseal which is a much stronger antibiotic than echinancea. Together they should do the trick in a glycerite, but the taste issue may be tricky.

    My daughter, now a teen, went swimming and got fluid in her ear a couple of weeks ago. She was having allot of discomfort, so on my morning walk I picked some mullein flower and yarrow. I infused these with olive oil that I had earlier infused with calendula; she's carrying it around with her all the time now. You can buy this type of ear oil as mentioned.

    Best of Luck!

    Here is where you can find a great product made by Herbs for Kids

    Source(s): My background: Herbalist 24 years, licensed acupuncturist
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    So sorry to hear about your little one's misery. It is very hard to help them sometimes.

    Go to a health food store and get some tea tree oil (make sure it is just tea tree oil and not mixed with something else).

    put a couple drops in the affected ear.

    Tea tree oil is a natural pain reliever and infection fighter.

    You could put a few drops on a cotton ball and put that in the ear, but the oil would probably do better if you just drop it in the canal.

    Heat is a good way to relieve the pain.

    If you can get your child to hold a warm rag to the ear it might help.

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    As a child I suffered badly from earaches I was to the hospital several times a week I think my parents knew the Doctors by name.As I got older I still suffered, I discovered a simple free Remedy after getting wet eg:shower-swimming etc.I pull up the tip of my ear lobe up-take the hair blow dryer and dry the ear really well. I also took lots of drops I was so bad I had to get special sticks to open the ears but it did not work.The only thing that works is to always dry my ears. Haven't had problems since.Good Luck.

    Source(s): I own a health food store.
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    If your doctor said there is no ear infection then there is no ear infection. Typically look for the child tugging on the ear or touching it. If the child is still in pain for some reason go back to your doctor... it looks like you may have gone a little overboard with some of your home remedies...

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    My niece had chronic ear infections with pain ... doc wanted to cut back on the antibiotics they were giving her for fear she would become resistent to them.

    He prescribed the garlic oil (I see one of the answerers recommended it too). It did help. She did grow out of it eventually. If you smoke around your child -- that can make ear problems worse. Also might want to check out child's diet. Seems like some kids have more ear problems when they eat certain foord -- like dairy.

    Good luck! Ear aches are so tough on the little guys!

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    Take the child to an ENT doc if he is still having ear pain. Also you should not have tried all of those things in the ear without your doc approval as some could have done damage to his ear or ear drum. Take the child to an ENT doc and get to the bottom of this. Colloidal silver is found in health food places but I would never use this stuff. Colloidal silver can cause to many problems.

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    Children with ear infections/ ear pressure repsond very well to chiropractic.

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    Try tea tree oil - a drop in each ear

    Also, try a chiropractor that deals w/wee ones. They will not hurt your baby. Sometimes they know & do more than the real doctors.

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