How can I make an international call for free? Like for example Vietnam.?

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    Contact your land-line +/or cell phone service provider's customer service department(s). Request to speak with a customer service representative (CSR) who is knowledge-able about obtaining international capabilities with the phone you intend to use on a regular or frequent basis to make international calls.

    Once you are connected with that CSR, informed them, specifically, of which foreign countries (including Canada & Mexico should they be on your list) you intend to be calling. Beware, the more countries, more of the cost.

    Phone companies usually offer "International Package Deals". Depending which "package" you decide to sign-up for; there's a possibility of various discounted rates. Perhaps, even a "Free Call" permitted? But at a specified time and for a specified length of "talk time" when making the call.

    Just be certain to get everything in writing first, before placing your first phone call! I had a so called, "Package Deal" with A.T. & T. in order to make calls to Dublin, Ireland. My calls were generally placed between 12 Midnight and by 8:00 am. As it turned out, I was getting ripped off by A.T. & T.! What I had been initially told by the International CSR compared what my overseas billing amounted to, it was a disaster!

    I attempted, on two separate occasions, to contact someone on their cell phone, a weekend apart. Neither cell phone call could be connected. Yet, I was billed $7.85 for both calls! Go figure?

    On both occasions, I was successful in contacting my party at their residential phone number. We had spoken for about 10 minutes on those two Saturday mornings. My total bill for those two calls, you guessed it... came to $453. and some change!

    I was originally informed by the A.T. & T. International CSR by calling on weekends after midnight Friday night through Sunday evening, before midnight, my charges would be at a minimum of .10 a minute.

    I suspected that was in error and requested for the CSR to double check the cost. I would have been expecting to be paying about $2.00 per minute. But when you simply do the math, each of those 10 minute phone calls would had cost me about $226.50 a piece, according to the bill I had received!

    Naturally, I had challenged the bill. At first, A.T. & T. denied telling me anything, as to what their international rates are. Then I was informed, they had no record of me contacting them in order to implement an overseas-international calling plan.

    I had explained to them, I never made calls to any Europen/UK countries ever in my life! And the purpose of me contacting them, was to learn how to place a call and see if any "Package Deals" were ever offered? Being that I didn't know what to do, it was simple commons sense to seek an explaination. And that, the International CSR had set me up in a plan. As it turned out, I was "set up", but not in any plan! So I decided to "fight back"!

    But according to A.T. & T., the calls I had placed were not "covered" by any International Calling Plan". After requesting to speak to someone in upper management, my inquiry was passed onto a supervisor.

    I had been on hold for a considerable amount of time. More than likely, the CRS I was talking to, was either having a conversation about my complaint with a supervisor, which I doubt, or I was simply left on hold for them to assume I would simply hang up!

    I didn't get any further with the supervisor. So, I had taken upon myself to write a letter to the President/CEO of A.T. & T.

    I had informed the President/CEO that if my billing matter wasn't looked into and adjusted accordingly, I would contact both the Federal Trade Commision (FTC) and any of the investigative reports on CBS's 60 Minutes, ABC's 20/20 and NBC's Dateline, requesting they investigate A.T.&.T. over-charging consumers for internatioal calls.

    About a month after sending my letter, I had received a call from an A.T.& T. representative, informing me that my bill is being adjusted and the total cost for the two cell phone calls that had never gone through would be deleted. And the other two calls I had placed, ultimately had cost me less than $15.00 in total!

    So I guess you can say, once again..."David has slued the giant!" When wrong, I'll apologize and pay. But when I'm right, I'll put up a good "battle" and hope to win the "war"!

    A word of advice, don't allow ANY of the big corporations get away with pushing you around! They tend to be "scared" when informed you will be contacting the FTC and the media. They obviously don't like the negative publicity! Too bad! If they would simply stop riping off any consumer, they may achieve more accorlades rather then constructive criticism and legitimate complaints.

    Do your "homework" and get it in writing before you calll anyone overseas. I hope this helped? Good Luck!

    BTW: I absolutely was NOT threatening, about contacting both the FTC and media. When I tell someone of my intentions, if they ignore me and do nothing about it, I will follow through on my promises!!! Everyone else should do the same!

    Source(s): From My Own Experience...
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    The only way possible would be to have international calling set up and including in your long distance plan. Otherwise, it's not possible to call for free. sorry

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    Move to Viet Nam and call from there.

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    well you have to have one of the specila cards or a special phone account

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    Here is cheap calling card that you can use

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