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How about these changes for elected government officials?

In my opinion, I believe Washington is far too corrupt to adequately serve the American people. To this end, what if we changed the requirements for elected officials to eliminate the financial and politcal motivations.

Here's a start:

- Create a process which allows anyone to run for office, not just those with money. For starters, eliminate all campaign contributions and fund the campaigns from the government campaign fund, controlled by candidate requirements.

- No income (including non-cash gifts) from outside sources while elected.

- Eliminate the political parties and make candidates stand on their own values.

- Upon being elected, the person must turn over all assets to the government (including cash, stocks, bonds, etc.). After their term, they would receive a pension, sized according to position.

I believe this would be a start to getting true civil servants in our government and eliminate the corruption.

Thoughts? More ideas?


Yes, I agree that this adds some complexity to the government, but we need to do soemthing....

I know I'm dreaming a bit. Which government official today would vote for just one of these things?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Term limits would be one thing I would add. Elected officials should not own companies, non-profit organizations or stock and should be required to turn over such things to a trust before assuming an office (so long as the office pays a reasonable salary) .

    A candidate should be disqualified if they make a statement about the beliefs, plans, or competence of another candidate. The same if they make a public disparaging remark. Non-profit organizations and citizens groups should be forbidden from participating in the election process except in regards to issues for vote. They should not support or oppose candidates. While I agree in concept to removing political parties, I have to point out that if you do then there must be a system in place to limit the number of candidates or else there will not be enough money or air time for all of them. I can think of a few ideas to make that work but not in the space I am posting here. This post is too long for 90% of the readers on this site already.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Also put them on Soc Sec with a partial pension like the rest of us, Ill bet they start fixing things. Also take away some of the expense accounts that are charged to the tax payer ,why should we pay for a large dinner bill so they can impress some one.

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  • nosf37
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    Your "solution" would create more problems than it solves. Why do you think that adding complexity to the government would improve it?

    How would you enforce all these new rules without violating the Constitution?

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  • 1 decade ago

    You are dreaming a bad dream.

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