Costs Draftsmen - is legal costs a dieing trade?

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    1 decade ago
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    No i think not young lady! it is a growing trade as the more the courts try to simplify things with frc etc, the more the oiky defendants try to get out of it even more which leads to a slightly changing role for costs draftsmen. What are dying are the chicken factories who have tried to rip the industry off for the last few years such as a firm called Costings which has recently gone bust, probably because there are no costs draftsmen left in the country who have not worked there before. Or possibly because fat hughes and nerd brookes were raping the company out of £12,000 a month each for nothing! This comment is made, naturally, on a without prejudice basis and the writer accepts no responsibility for any subsequent defamatory claims brought by fat shithouse

    cross dressing scousers called hughes!

    What is apparent from your question is that, although costs draftsmen are not a dying trade themselves, the requirement to be able to spell properly is! dieing? Pipple whoo canot spoil purpley reely pass mee if. Hove yo nivir herd of ewesing spillchoker?????

    Source(s): i cannot name my source but think of the professionals
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