Are there only advantages or also disadvantages of speaking a language that everybody understands?

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This is a question meant for the people with English/American as their mother tongue. What are the advantages and disadvantages? Do you speak any other laguage?
Update : What I mean is: almost everybody around the world understands English. I more
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Disadvantages include not being able to say something in private/secret since everybody else can understand you, and a sense of complacency--why bother since everybody else speaks or is learning English--making one lazy about learning other languages.

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My thoughts exactly!
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  • GrahamH answered 7 years ago
    I believe that the Venezuelan gentleman whom I inadervertently overheard translating for one of his friends who had been stopped by Immigration at the airport where I work, and who was giving the answers he seemed to think Immigration wanted to hear rather than the answers his friend was actually giving, found it distinctly disadvantageous to find himself speaking a language someone else ( could understand (I, too, am an Immigration Officer)
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  • Larry V answered 7 years ago
    The advantage of speaking a common language like English is that you are better able to communicate your needs and interests to others that speak or write the same language.

    The disadvantage? The only disadvantage is the tendency to _only_ speak that language. Knowing more than one language is a useful thing.

    Some people raised in an English speaking community would benefit from learning fluent English, instead of the butchered form of English they speak...
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  • supertop answered 7 years ago
    Why would there be any disadvantages to being able to understand other people, or for them to be able to understand you?
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  • e.pitch answered 7 years ago
    yeah ofcourse i can speak english and swedish. me and my brother live in australia and we can talk behind your back infront of your face.
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  • DAVE answered 7 years ago
    Of course its advantageous to speak a language eveyone understands. Try speaking a language you made up and see where it gets you.
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  • jackmcleod_2000 answered 7 years ago
    If you talk about the way u murdered ur mom, ur dad, ur brother and ur sister... and me, beside the investigator that speaks the same language as u its a terrible thing....

    PS: Your question makes no sense at all.
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