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Jazz improv on piano?

is it hard, what are some basic rules

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    There are numerous instructional books, CDs, etc. But it all comes down to LISTEN, then duplicate, then experiment. Think of an art student who spends hours making a perfect copy of the Mona Lisa. Get yourself some really good jazz piano records - Chucho Valdez, Kenny Barron, Cyrus Chestnut, etc. And the old guys, too - Count Basie, even Nat King Cole on piano. LISTEN until you can play at least SOME of what they do. See how it fits the progressions. The try your own.

    Get Band In a Box on your computer. Set up rhythm sections for something really basic, like a 12-bar blues. Then play OVER it, until you are comfortable.

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    learn the scales and chords, so that your hands can find them quickly. Listen to Cullum and others, and hear the changes. improvisation is largely about making inspired choices from what you already know. Do not be deterred by complexity, and love simplicity. in Jazz, when you open one door, you will find many others. When you learn the scales, remember thats where the chords come from...try to play the chords in different ways, i.e change the bass or lowest notes,,and spread the rest of the notes in different ways. At some point, find a teacher...who plays the way you want to. As time goes on, try different teachers and talk and if possible play with other musicians. There is very little in solo Jazz, it depends on interplay, mutual aims etc.# Use the fake books by learning the melodies, and playing what chords you can. dont't look for the destination, look for the journey! Good luck, its a wonderful rewarding field.

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    Personally I think its sometyhing you can or can't isnt something you can learn.

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