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If Condi didn't lie and say Canadian drugs are unsafe, would I have to pay $87 a month for Advair?

After my insurance paid $143 of it?


Advair is used to prevent athsma attacks...

Update 2:

LeAnne (below) Good observation, HOWEVER, I am certain this study included people who were purchasing from Canadian Internet companies such as "We Cheat Them and How".

Walgreens equivalents in Canada are not unsafe.

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    That same prescription would probably cost 1/3 what you're paying, in Canada, and would be the exact same drug made by the exact same company.

    Canadian drugs are the same as American drugs, made by the same manufacturers. But the Canadian government buys them by the million lots, and get a much better price. And that price is passed on to the consumer.

    And who's your insurer? My insurer pays 80% of my drug costs, and I don't have that great a plan.

    AND as for the notion that Canadian drugs are unsafe or somehow inadadquate... check out the standards that Canadian drugs must pass. Canadian standards are considerably higher than American standards.

  • LeAnne
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    Condi didn't make this up or independent research group found that a good percentage of the drugs ordered from Canada were actually coming from China - and when tested, they found reduced dosages compared to the bottles' specifications, reduced percentages of the active ingredients and, in one case, no active ingredients at all.

    Do you really want to trust your health to the Chinese pharmaceuticals? Hell, they can't even export food that's safe to consume.

    I hate it when I have to defend companies that are so blatantly soaking us for all we're worth, but in this case, I'd rather spend the extra bucks and feel confident that what it says on the bottle is truly what's inside.

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    Worse yet.. The prescription you are taking is made in the same factory in India as he ones in Canada. Kind of gets you in the gut, doesn't it. You might also note that with all the hundreds of thousands of Canadian prescriptions used in the US there has never been a single case of an adverse reaction. I guess when the drug industry bought a party and a president they got their money's worth. Unfortunately you didn't.

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    I lived as you know on the Border. i bought all my Medication across the Border.They were all made in Canada . The medicine bought from Mexico from the US is more expensive as the US does not give discounts to Mexico. I took Canada medicines for 10 years.It looks identical to US medicine and about 1/10 the price.

    Canada's Medication is as safe as the US. US does not want any compitition so they can sell as high as they want.

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    The insurance and pharmaceutical companies are taking advantage of Americans and charging us outrageous prices that they aren't allowed to charge to other countires. It's sick how our federal dollars can go to museums and concert halls, yet health care which means life and death is not considered a priority that our tax dollars should go to instead.

    Repeat brainwashing anti-national healthcare mantra:

    "Socialized" medicine is bad;

    We will be taxed to death.

    We will have to wait 9 months to get life saving surgery.

    We will have to wait in long lines for hours.

    The health care is poor.

    You'll be assigned a doctor and have no choice in the matter.

    Directions: Repeat over again 50 times. Add Kool-aid and two hours of cable news nightly.

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    Well yeah, one way or the other. Drive to Canada, pay the gas bill. Get rid of insurance, full blunt of the pricetag. Socialised medicine, massive tax increase. One way or the other, you'll pay for it.

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