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lose a few pounds before school??

recentally i have been eating alot.. im not sure why.. i think i turn to food for comfort.. but today i tried to exercise alot.. i ran 2 miles in under 17 minutes and i worked my upper body.. and did situp to work my abs.. what can i do too lose a few more pounds and keep them off. what are some healthy easy to make foods i can eat during the day to help lose some weight. im 5'5 140 pounds and 15 years old.

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    im 15 5'5 and 140 lbs too

    me and my friend have planned to start gettin up early to run for about an hour[bring water] and then go home to eat

    ride bikes,swim, sit ups and push ups and eat healthy,no junk or soda and then u should lose the weight u want

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    I have lost a lot of weight in the past three weeks with a very healthy approach. If you eat every 3 hours you keep your metabolism going and won;t be hungry and binge later. I am trying to eat natural foods. I have brown rice(1/2 cup), egg whites and a fruit for breakfast. Then about 2oz (the size of a tea bag) of protein (chicken breast or any other lean meat) and greens for a snack. Lunch= lean protein,. 1/2 cup brown rice and veggies. Another snack like the one in the morning and dinner similar to lunch. Eat at least 3 hours before going to bed. The longer, the better. And try to workout at least 3 times a week. I'm pretty sure you will lose those few pounds.

    The reason for this approach is that every time that you eat a meal your body burns calories and if you count even though it sounds like a lot of food it is not because of the sizes of the portions. Try it for two weeks and you will be amazed. Also avoid salt, it has a lot of sodium and this makes you retain water and interferes with fat burning. Don;t starve yourself, that will only slow your metabolism and decrease muscle so that when you start eating normally again you will be likely to gain more weight.

    Good luck!!!

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    When I was in the police academy I lost 8 to10 pounds within a 13 week time frame. If I did not gain body muscle I probably by would have lost 20 pounds. remember that body muscle weighs more than fat. It seems like you work out a lot. You will gain a lot of body muscle. For the eating situation just try to stay busy. where ever you live at if You are legaly allowed to work part time at 15 years old get your parents permission and fill out some applications so you can stay busy. When I go to work I use that as my workout and you can sometimes block out some discomfort from time to time when you are at work. you will not eat much because you have scheduled breaks.

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    im tryin to do the same thing and its really hard. i weigh 106 pounds and im like 5"2 and 12 years old i have been exersizin everyday i do those exersizes on on demand on tv. and i been drinking 1 weight loss shake for breakfast lunch and i have a healthy dinner . the weight loss shakes are not bad for you well at least these ones all they have is 24 vitamins and minerals there called weight loss shakes their made by kirkland there so good too i weighed 111 and now im down to 106 and its only been 2 weeks i hope to be down to like 100 by the time im done i only have fat on my stomach not sure about you. but i would try this if you need anything email me at


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    You know the drill. Eating healthy and toning ur muscles help, but if u wanna lose weight, u have to keep your metabolism up. Girls are alil more unlucky than guys when it comes to this. When girls hit puberty, everything in ur body gets stored as fat because mother nature expects u to have a baby one day and is preparing. Guys on the other hand, still have their high metabolisms.

    If you wanna keep ur metabolism high, do aerobic excercises (jogging, swimming, etc). Eat low fat and low sugar foods. Make sure u stay hydrated though. Good luck, I hope this helps.

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    I even have lost an excellent variety of weight in the past 3 weeks with a very healthy device. in case you eat each and every 3 hours you carry your metabolism going and gained;t be hungry and binge later. i'm attempting to eat time-honored food. I even have brown rice(a million/2 cup), egg whites and a fruit for breakfast. Then approximately 2oz (the size of a tea bag) of protein (fowl breast or another lean meat) and vegetables for a snack. Lunch= lean protein,. a million/2 cup brown rice and vegetables. yet another snack like the only in the morning and dinner very resembling lunch. consume a minimum of three hours before than going to mattress. The longer, the greater suitable. And attempt to exercising a minimum of three activities each and every week. i'm amazing specific you will lose those few pounds. The reason for this methodology is that each and every time which you purely eat a meal your physique burns power and for people who be counted inspite of the actual incontrovertible fact that it appears like an excellent variety of food it is not provided that of the sizes of the parts. attempt it for 2 weeks and you'd be bowled over. additionally limit salt, it has an excellent variety of sodium and this makes you proceed water and interferes with fat burning. Don;t starve your self, which will easiest sluggish your metabolism and decrease muscle purely so while you initiate eating in maximum circumstances as quickly as greater you would be a lot greater in all probability to attain greater weight. stable stable fortune!!!

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    honestly, don't eat dinner during the week. Weekends....knock yourself out. But eat breakfast and a good size lunch with the last chunk of food going in your mouth at 3:30 or 4. Then don't eat dinner. I swear, it works. Trust me. Now, if your response is, "oh, I could never do that" then go ahead and continue to jiggle away. Good luck.

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    Change your eating habits. Stop drinking sodas, even if its diet. Drink plenty of water, eat all your heavy carbs before 12 noon, working out @ least 3 times a week. But if you don't want to workout just change your eating habit.

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    also, stay away from sodas, white breads, potatoes, and fast food.

    Salads (spend some time preparing your ingredients in separate containers all chopped and ready to go, then make your salads whenever you want. Throw stuff in a container, shake it up, and it's mixed).

    Trail mix and dried fruit.

    Yogurt snack packs

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    try playing a sport, if your really interested in it, you will shed the pounds without even thinking about it.

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