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Are you thoroughtly disgusted with the disgraceful thugs who call themselves environmentalists?

It was recently reported that a man who left his new Hummer parked on the street in front of his house overnight found that people who claimed to be environmentalists had broken all of the windows, dented the body with a hammer and scratched environmental slogans into the paint.

This is just one example of the vandalism and arson that so called environmentalists have done to privately owned property that they do not approve of.

I think that it is about time to pass much tougher laws, with much longer prison sentences for this sort of behavior, and couple that with much tougher, much more aggressive prosecutors for this type of behavior.

Do you agree?

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    People like that actually feel encouraged to do these deeds by the tripe spewed by Democrat political leaders. It is no different than House Rep. Maxine Waters condoning the murderous, 1992 LA riots with her march and chanting, "No justice, no peace."

    As long as our Democrat politicians preach anti-capitalism, anti-consumerism, anti-technology, pro-agrarian (remember Pol Pot, anyone) propaganda, radical nutcases will only become more emboldened to commit their acts of vandalism and sabotage. To their Democrat political gurus, these nutcases want to appear as worthy foot soldiers.

    I know of no cases where a conservative has damaged a vehicle sporting pro-Democrat bumper stickers. I know of many cases where cars with pro-Republican stickers have been vandalized.

    As far as tougher laws, I'd rank wanton vandalism up there with Murder-2. But, liberal judges will always let these people off, secretly sympathizing with their "cause."

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    I don't see any need for tougher laws, just enforce the ones we have.

    Usually, in larger more populated areas, a report will be taken on this and filed with the "never investigate" reports.

    There is no need for tougher laws, when probation, maybe some jail time, fines, and restitution would follow if the people were ever caught, but it will probably never be investigated.

    I hope you don't make over-generalizations about environmentalists based on a few childish folks who use environmentalism as an excuse to commit malicious mischief, that they would have done anyway.

    Some people look for any reason to justify their actions, and in this case environmentalism seemed to justify it for them, even though such acts would never be justifiable, to the rest of us.

    This kind of act isn't what environmentalism is about, and more educated/mature people realize they just made some company expend more energy to fix the situation they caused, thus going against everything environmentalists believe.

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    They should be arrested and prosecuted for destroying property. As far as being environmentalists that is not relevant. They are vandals and criminals and should be arrested for their actions regardless of what they claim their cause to be. I am an environmentalist and I abhor these actions. They are a small radical minority that have done much more harm, than good, to the environmental movement

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    I work in the environmental field. While the ideology behind the movement is noble......the people (not all of course) leave a lot to be desired.

    Arrogance, petty, condescending, and ignorant confidence are a few descriptions I use. These people seem to have substituted religion for environmentalism. They are just like religious zealots.

    Believe me when I tell you the extremist think that it's their right to vandalize the property of people that disagree with them. Personally, I am surprised that more have not run across someone with a gun........probably just a matter of time. My bet is that this happens in Texas 1st.....I live in Tx.

    Even worse...these people think that the rest of us should fund their way of life.....light rail, land conservation (usually high end real estate grabs) and green builders. All of these things cost quite a bit of money and are mostly to gain political power.

    I do not agree that we need to pass tougher laws. This is an ideological difference these people act upon. That's a hate crime.....that packs enough punch to get a guy traded for a pack of cig's pretty quick.

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    These people are surly in the minority. Such bad behavior would not be that of a true environmentalist.

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    As with any movement, there is the radical fringe that act with pure ignorance. Let's put them in jail.

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    A terrorist is a terrorist... no matter what the underlying ideology is.

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