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Canadians are the dumb ones??

Draco197whatever- you know who I mean, the guy with the avatar that looks like one of those actors in "Dumb and Dumber." Well, at least it gives me the credence to say, "Are you actually as dumb as you look?"

One quick read of your profile tells me you are about as dumb as a doorknob. Yeah, you are the "person people want to be around" all right. Real tough guy too, "Don't back down from nobody." Nice profile putz.

Then you shine your brilliance through with comments like "All Canadians are morons" "They are just jealous he (Crosby) is not from Ontario." Quick lesson in geography for ya' brainiac, Crosby is from Nova Scotia, CANADA. Did you think since he plays in Pittsburgh, he is from there? I think you were on the wrong end of a Georges Laroque uppercut. Concussed a little-alot. Go watch your Pirates of the Carbbean, Star Wars and horror movies, though I don't think you will get much smarter by doing that.

Taking a look at your questions doesn't disappoint either.


I gather from them that you are a deadbeat father (yeah, the old "I have a friend") and great questions like:

"Should the United States make an example out of terrorist-harboring countries and just wipe one off the map?" That in a nut shell shows your IQ and your class or lack thereof.

Update 2:

288-just click on his name.

Update 3:

LMAO-digging yourself a deeper hole. Yeah, you are better looking, smarter, drive a better car, make more money.................let me dumb it down for ya'- In the battle of wits, you are in a gun fight with a knife. Like I said, one read of your profile tells me you are not the type of person that anyone wants to "be around."

Update 4:

Sports magazine columnist. Oh well, I apoligize, you must be very rich, smart and good looking. What sports magazine's exactly? I'd love to do on on-line search of your work.

BREAKING NEWS- I have identified Eklund. LMFAO

Update 5:

"Me, conceited? That's pretty funny jackass." Too easy but "that's how I roll"

Update 6:

Still waiting to hear the name of those sports magazines you write for or should we add liar to your list of attributes with dumb, poor, deadbeat,ugly, etc?

Update 7:

LOL Luv ya'-thanx for the kind words and going to bat for me but you swung at the wrong person. Gotta love it.

Tell me your thoughts on this Luv Ya- Are Canadians morons?

Update 8:

Thanks for the confirmation Draco-I'll now add liar.

Update 9:

I told you to tape the question to your forehead and go to a Flyer game. Sorry if you felt threatened by that LMAO. Actually found your response to that quite amusing though. Yeah, I called you out with your BS comments, obviously everyone agrees after reading your "literature" that you are a doorknob. Now, your best course of action would be to shut up and let it die and next time, think before you make stupid blanket statements or I will get really nasty because after checking out your *360 (thanks Zam) I have plenty of ammo.

Update 10:

BTW, now I get it, it was all just a joke but we didn't get it with our low IQ's. Good one. I'm laughing at you, not with you.

Update 11:

Shouldn't it be Neil and Bob? You cunning linguist you. Enough already, the point is proven. Quit digging already. You are starting to believe your own lies. Check that, I think I saw you down at mid-field, interviewing Woodson. LOL. He probably has a restraining order on you.

Update 12:

Awesome Bill- All I can say is PRICELESS-well said.

Update 13:

Just shut up, I don't want to make you cry. It is indeed starting to feel like poking your corpse with a stick. Stop looking for more. Get out while the gettings good.

Update 14:

Bashing people for making threats when you opened that can of worms? Again, your brilliance shines through. Yeah, I bet you like sucking down Mike's Hard every now and then. BTW, Cancun every 6 months on your postal salary doesn't make you rich son. I can just bet you got some stereo in that Mustang, can picture you driving around with it blasting the bass, smoking a joint and sucking on Mike's hard.

Update 15:

Zap- Sadly, I must admit it was well worth it. That was fun "hockey" talk.

Update 16:

Too many great answers to choose from so I can't-this will have to go to voting.

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  • Zam
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    1 decade ago
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    Dont be jealous because he has been on the internet chatting with hot babes all day Bob. lol

    What a piece of I dare include the "Not all Americans are that way" speech? Forget it, tired of giving that one.

    Source(s): Drax- come on, if you want to stick with that "better looking" arguement, I kinda suggest taking your picture down. Seems to shoot your whole arguement in the foot and makes your other points seem like lies. From the looks of it, you should buy a mask like Bobs avitar and stop scaring people. And BTW, You make more in a month than Bob does in a year? On your 360 profile, it says that you are a postal worker who spent 1 year at a real college. No wonder stamps keep going up, got to pay Drax's 6 figure salary.
  • 1 decade ago

    The guy is a tool, don't waste your time lowering yourself to his level. All he's looking for is the attention his mommy and daddy didn't give him as a child. I do admit to having a hard time not being impressed with the braggadocio regarding his looks, intelligence, cars and money. That was until I looked at his profile and questions which proved the looks and intelligence parts to be false.

    Zam: You proved the other two points he was bragging about wrong, making exorbitant amounts of money and his sweet ride! Who thinks the chicks dig Drax's cute white jeep with the?

    LuvYa: You might want to re-read 288's answer. He hasn't said anything negative about Bob at all.

    I understand humor. It just wasn't funny.

    Drax: This time I am not taking a shot, I am asking a serious question. You state that you are trying to be amusing. Fair enough, you should not be bashed for that. Based on the overwhelming reaction of the people here, most of who are regular contributors to this category, do you really think you did a good job of it?

    Andrew "Dice" Clay quotes don't help your cause any. I am just trying to help now, I am done poking you with a stick!

    Drax: You have stated that your entire opinion of both Flyers and Maple Leafs fans is based on your experiences at the Mellon Arena. From the sounds of it, you really do need to venture out to either Philly or Toronto. When you do, kindly print the question you posted on a white t-shirt and wear it to the game. FYI: It will be entirely necessary for you to have a new shirt for the second arena. I changed my mind. It's more fun poking you with a stick.

    Drax: Point taken. I know what a postal worker makes and I agree, you make a good living and you work hard for the money you earn. I admit to trying to push your buttons with some of my previous statements. As you asked us to do regarding our opinions of you, please read and answer the legitimate question I asked previously.

  • 1 decade ago

    Gilbert you are way off base for criticizing an entire fan base because of one fan. I could say all flyer fans are dumb as a post but I won't because I have a friend who likes the flyers. Although I may not like her choice in one team I still respect her as an individual. I could rag on the the eagle fans for how they treat mcnabb but not every eagle fan is that ignorant. So my advice think about what you are saying before you slander an entire fan base.

  • 1 decade ago

    Damn it. I hate it when I'm this late to a rager. I'm still howling over luv ya trying to suck up to you by going after the wrong guy. Priceless.

    May I address the one cogent point Ivan Drago failed to voice effectively?

    There is an anti-Quebec bias in Canada, but it is not relegated to Ontario. The tenous relationship in question pits ALL Anglophones vs the Quebec Francophones, not just Ontario natives. Just see how average French players are treated in Alberta, for instance.

    Conversely, just note how Anglophone players are treated in Montreal. The antagonism on both sides is mostly veiled in a general sense of tolerance, but there is no question that some deeply-rooted misgivings exist on both sides of that fence.

    Other than that, I've enjoyed the testosterone driven spite, however fruitless it might have been. Bob, you have vanquished your unworthy foe. With that said, this is still an f'ing hockey forum on Yahoo for cripes sake. Was it really worth getting your dander up over this tool?

    EDIT: Hey, whatever flows your roll, Bob. As long as you're happy, keep battin' the bunny.

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  • N/A
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    1 decade ago

    Oooooooooh, it's ON!!! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

    This draco guy seems dumber than the movie "dumb and dumberer" (that movie was horrible, how could you make that movie without jim carrey?)

    Seriously, "Were the pyramids built by aliens?" lmao!!!!

    Why do you hate canadians that much??? I'm Russian, but I don't hate Canadians, Canada's my fav team in the olympics. What's your problem? You're a poser.


    Geez Luv Ya, pay attention to who we're bashing here, 288 isn't making fun of bob loblaw, it's draco that you want to write all that you wrote about.


    Holy freaking crap, this is a soap opera! lmao! Where's that "you" guy, he's really good at bashing people! He's the only guy missing!


    DAMN!!! Never mind, "you" is here, this is f-ing crazy!!! And so is jenni m!!! Everybody's in on this question!!! This is really is a soap opera now! ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!

  • Erica
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    1 decade ago

    Bob, why are you hitchhiking? Sidney Crosby's aunt sounds nice, ask her to pick you up, man. Lol.

    Haha, Drax, you're from Pittsburgh and you're calling Canadians dumb...? Do you go outside your house? There are some pretty dumb Yinzers out there. I think I saw you on the news with some wannabe gangstas on Smallman Street.

    ADD: EKLUND, LMAO! LOL, I think "Luv Ya" is confused and blaming 288 for everything.

    Source(s): DRAX - I am relaxed. I don't need to read all of your questions&answers, I know what you said and it's REPORTABLE. Swallow your pride, (I don't care if you apologize or say anything) but DON'T SAY STUFF LIKE THAT HERE AGAIN OR I WILL REPORT YOU. I don't feel like seeing your nationalistic mud-slinging even if it's a joke or just to rile someone up. Okay, just how many times have you actually been to the Igloo? There are a lot of jerks who were Rangers fans visiting the Mellon in my experience. I know someone who works at a restaurant downtown where some of the Pens players eat and after a game one night, a rowdy Habs fan threw something towards the restaurant window but ended up hitting the window of the place next door and the guy I know CHASED the Habs fan all the way to the Strip District and dragged him back to the restaurant to the police who were waiting there. Your point is moot anyway. And Bob happens to be a Flyers fan but DOES NOT blast Sidney Crosby. -Gilbert - I'm a Pens fan and I'm from Pittsburgh. I don't think I'm classless. Please don't make generalizations, it makes you no better than this guy, even if you're just trying to rile him up further. -Great answer from Awesome Bill, but even I would probably beat this guy up at a Pens game, in a Pens jersey. Lol. -JOHN DISQUE- I doubt Bob's so ticked or upset that he's ready to hurt someone. Why not call someone out? I guess Bob could have reported him, but I myself prefer to give someone a chance to apologize or at least know that they now know not to say stuff like that or I would report them.
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    OMG LMFAO Holy jeez! An internet war! umm you know that saying that fighting on the net is like winning 1st place at the Special Olympics? Yeah either way you're still retarded!!! lmao

    ok ppl jk now Let's all go have a Guiness or w/e the h- e double hockey sticks you drink..

  • 1 decade ago

    Oh, let the idiot have it's momentary lapse of reason.

    Drax1975 seems to feel that he can piss off a Flyers fan. My guess is Philly hasn't been on his travel itinerary.

    Dear Drax1975,

    I perused your "question" about Flyers and Leafs fans and was honored that you mentioned us Flyers fans in the same sentence as the storied Maple Leafs.

    Let's get into the Way Back Machine and set the controls for the 2003-04 playoffs. Flyers vs. Maple Leafs at Philly. Flyers win. After the game, a pair of Toronto fans wearing their Leafs jerseys were receiving encouragement from several Flyers fans as we were all returning to our vehicles. With the exception of one Michael Falcone, I fail to see how Flyers fans can be termed as you suggest. But drug abuse can do that to people, I know, because I counsel those who have spent a lot of time and money destroying their minds.

    As for your writing career it would be manly of you to provide proof of your career. Only a brat would declare that they have accomplished something that they find impressive, not to mention their failure to back it up. My guess is that you were trying to impress us all, and now your butt can't cash the check that your "mouth" wrote.

    That might work with the girls, but here its not necessary. We are all on equal footing here, but if you like to continue working your way down my ladder of respect, I won't stop you - that's your job. But I won't fail to remind you of your shortcomings.

    I've been to Canada - Toronto, specifically. I think they are just as intelligent as any other people in the world. Perhaps you should spend less time fantasizing about "the big, scary world" out there and poke your head out of your keester for a different view.

    If this is a problem for you, and you want to prove anything, I'll be waiting outside Philadelphia International Airport for your rebuttal. I'll wear a Flyers jersey to make it easy for you to find me.

    -Awesome Bill

  • 1 decade ago

    LOL - wow Bob - what did I miss?

    Now I see. What a total pant load.

    If Canadians are all morons and recent results show the average Canadian has an IQ 6 points higher than the average American then what does that make DRAX exactly?

    D & D is passe - everybody got to WOW now.

    LOL -Awesome Bill. Beauty.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Actually, I was thinking that he might have been sexually abused by his father. Got a link to his profile, Bob?

    Oh, DRAX! I've been looking around for the past fifteen minutes for a Draco....yeah, he's an ignorant tool.

    Drax, are you even listening to yourself? "I have many friends from Canada and yeah, most of them ARE morons, but I like them anyway." You have a HUGE superiority complex and an ego to match. Stop trying to play yourself off as a saint because you are FAR from it. I wouldn't be surprised if you make Osama and Hitler blush.

    EDITS: Drax, I'm glad you feel rotten about what I said. Just from that one sentence I quoted from you, you make it sound like the whole (sorry, "most") country has Downs' Syndrome and that you "like them" out of pity. That's like saying a certain culture's dumb because of something they do that you don't understand; that's borderline racism. My Hitler comparison of you still stands.

    Luv Ya: ......what? How you got everything before "EDITS" on me bashing Bob....I really don't have a clue.

    Lubers: It wasn't meant to be funny at all.

    Drax: Oooohhh....big comeback. Did your mommy think of that one for you?

  • you
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    did i hear someone singing Kum-bai-ya?

    (whine) stop picking on Drax!!! (stomps foot)

    you guys are missing the point. stop focusing on yourselves. it's all about the beauty of nature around us.


    and the Bluejackets. wake up and smell reality.;_ylt=Al9YQ...

    seriously, i didn't know the hockey forum had a subsection for piranha frenzies. wow, look at the blood pool. i enjoyed the show.

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