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hair dye color for punk hair?

My school is very strict about their dress code.

We wear uniforms and can't have odd piercing and girls can only have ear piercings.

We can't have distracting hair colors (nothing that's not natural (blue, bright red, pink, etc.))

I dyed my hair dark blue last year and got in trouble.

i tried explaining to them that no one would want to dye their hair strange colors but me (because my school only has about 400 students and their all mostly preps).

i have naturally black hair so how can i dye it to look more punk?

it would have to be a natural color (like blonde, brown, natural red)

please give suggestions that can be done at home.



i have olive-ish skin so i'm not sure if bleach blonde would look good.. it's not too dark though

or blonde at all.

any opinions about sorta-dark skin and blonde hair?

permanent colors please

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    A lot of my clients are in school and have the same problem! I really like leaving the underneath your natural dark color and then either completely coloring the top really, really light (blonde) or putting huge light chunks in it. Blonde and brown are both natural colors! I wouldn't do red because of your skin tone and there is a fine line between natural red and a red color your school would say isn't natural!

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    Bleach some streaks and keep them blonde or possibly dye them red or auburn in the front. Experiment with haircuts to change things up too.

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    My school has the SAME policy.

    I Dyed my 2 chunky highlights that were bleach blonde

    And they said it was fine :]

    Just get a bleaching kit and take about an inch of hair and bleach it. But since your hair is so dark you might have to do this more than once.

    And get someone to help you. Its so much easier :]

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    that is EXACTLY how my school is about their dress code and etc. i just like to experiment with my hair so what i did was dye it a burgundy color. its a natural looking color but in the right light can appear to have a purple tint. i loved this color. try it over the summer and if it is not too obvious then you know that you can keep it for you school year! good luck and i hope it works out for you!

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    You can a FABULOUS hair style with natural colours,guarunteed!

    Look at these! I know these are boys,but the colours and hairstyle would still look GORGEOUS on a girl!

    Just bleach (or dye blonde) out a few strips of your hair and then add the natural red.

    You can check Garnier hair colours,because I belive they have a line of natural hair colours like red,blonde,black and brown!

    Have fun!

    Source(s): My brain. :D
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    I'd just put streaks in your hair. This way, it won't be too over powering, but you'll still have color. Wear your normal artsy/bohemian/indie/eclectic clothes and style your hair as usual.

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    You are so lucky to have naturally black hair. I wish i did, i wanna die my hair black. Id just put purple or red streaks in it if i was you. But if your school is strict they might kick off. Maybe buy some temporarydye and just do it in the holidays.

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    black,with red or blond streaks to get a real punkish look

    or red with platinum blond streaks. Thats sooooooo cute

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    there are not realy alot of things that you can do from home and still have it look punk!! You can do something like beech your bangs or just the underneith!! You might want to try to just go to a salon and have it done!!!! Im in vegas come to me ill make your hair look punk!!!!

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    dye it white blonde with red and black streaks. it has totally started a strend at my high school! try it, or why dont you combine everyone's answers?

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