The woodlands, tx?

I am looking to relocate to the Woodlands, TX in the future and I have a few questions about it. Can you get Time Warner cable or is it Comcast only? Are the energy bills realy as bad as I've been hearing (we pay $60-70 a month for a 900 sq ft. apartment)? How many days does it really rain on an average week? Do you really have to leave the Woodlands for anything? Thanks for any help.

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    Time Warner has changed to Comcast every where in Houston including The Woodlands.

    My boyfriend lives in The Woodlands and has a house... he has no problems with an unusually high energy bill! You just have to make sure you choose an energy provider with the cheapest rate for you and where your living! If you live in an apartment they choose your energy provider most of the time, ask them what they average energy bill is... they will tell you. Or go for one that is all bills paid.

    We are having unusual amounts of rain right now so I'm having a hard time remembering how much it normally rains! Really its once or twice a week... however right now it's been everyday. It changes all the time really.

    There is a lot of stuff to do in The Woodlands, it just depends on what you like! There is a place called Main Event that is like Dave & Busters, only better... there's a great mall with a river that they are making like the river walk in San Antonio! The Woodlands Pavilion has a ton of concert and activities! A few movie theaters, along w/ Movie Taverns. The only thing I have never liked about the area is that things close a lot earlier then they do in Houston! The movies stop showing around 11 on weekends... most stores close, restaurants close earlier, but the bars are open of course.

    As long as your no a late night person you wont really notice that!!

    It is a very nice area though, all stores and building are hidden behinds trees so sometimes you forget your in the city. It makes it hard to find things sometimes but once you learn your way around you shouldn't have a problem!

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    Just to express my personal experience: I live in a 2-bedroom apt, and our energy bill is around $120 a month. And I can confirm for a fact that Comcast will be your cable provider, though I suppose that depends on which apartment complex you live in; some have contracts through satellite TV companies. But as far as Time-Warner/Comcast, I work for Comcast at the call center, and I can confirm that Time-Warner is no longer in the greater Houston area. (Though it is basically the same services with a different name.) On an average WEEK, it's hard to say how often it rains. Per MONTH, I'd say maybe 4-7 days on -average-. And no, you don't have to leave the Woodlands for anything. I live off of Six Pines Dr., and it's right by the mall, Wal-Mart, H-E-B, the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion (lots of concerts), but it's true that everything is well hidden. They don't call it the WOODlands for nothing. ;)

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    Just moved into the Woodlands last week. You really don't have go out of the area for anything once you find what you are looking for. The shopping areas are hidden from view from the streets and it has been an adventure finding everything. The mall area has every major retailer clustered around it in the mall and on the outskirts. Traffic can be frustrating but hasn't been too bad. The current weather pattern is rain in the morning and afternoons with several hours in between of beautiful weather.

    Electricity I find is high. It averages between .11-.14 cents a kilowatt depending on which company you choose, which is twice what I was paying elsewhere.

    Your other consideration is the property taxes and homeowners dues. Depending on what part of the Woodlands you are buying there is a $550 a year Woodlands fee and I pay a separate $86 monthly maintenance fee to the subdivision that I reside. Taxes on my townhouse run $2500 a year, which is about average. Again, depending on the area, you could be paying over $4,000+ a year in taxes so be careful and ask to see the tax statements before buying.

    All in all, it's been both convenient with a lot of activitiy and just minutes to anywhere else, well kept up, etc., etc. Don't know about the cable since I have satellite.

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    Ok, I'll try to answer all of your questions.

    First of all, The Woodlands is a great area to live. It's very family oriented, and offers a ton of amenities.

    I believe Time Warner has now completely left the Houston metro area, and your service will likely be Comcast.

    The energy bills aren't that bad. My home is nearly 3000 sq. ft. and in the heat of summer (when the A/C runs constantly) the bill usually won't go over $300. Of course, it all depends who you use for your electric service.

    How many days does it rain?? Hmm.... the last 6 weeks, it has rained about 98% of the total days. Really!! However, keep in mind this is very unusual. Short afternoon showers are somewhat common in the summer due to the air coming in off the Gulf of Mexico. Don't worry though, they are short lived... most of the time. During the rest of the year, rainfall is less frequent. Average annual precipitation is around 50 inches. Remember, it's not the rain that will get you in Houston, it's definitely the humidity. In August-October, it can reach 90% by breakfast time.

    Good luck on your move!

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    The job market is good and it's not a far commute if you are working in Houston. The Woodlands is very family oriented so if you two are settling down and not expecting much in the way of nearby nightlife, it's perfect. It's generally quiet and has everything you need so you don't have to go into Houston much.

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    o the woodlands is a beautiful place we use to stay there before we moved to astascocita and it is wonderful....the stores are really hiding behind the trees and the woodland downtown and square is very beautiful. the taxes are quite moderate of what we paying now and the energy bill was tolerable..... we used to lived in a 4235 square feet house and the energy bill was ova 400-550 but keep in mind i have two teenagers and a baby but the woodlands have very many things to do and alot of amenties anotha high school they just built because that otha high school was full so u have a wonderful lifestyle

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    the woodlands is bad ***. they have everything there especially good places to eat and one of the biggest malls in the country. They also hold alot of concerts there at cynthia woods mitchell pavillion. in fact incubus will be there sept. 1! comcast is time warner.

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    time Warren and com cast is the same thing.the bills depends on how cold or hot you want your apartment to does seem to rain a lot but there is more sunny,beautiful days have everything you need in the woodlands,the have a great mall,wal mart,good hospitals and great eating places. my sister lives there and loves it.

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    comcast is time werner cable now.

    but things are a bit different in any area you move to. like when i moved i didnt expect being out of the city limits would be so expensive. and just one block over they are in the city limits. it weird.

    im a loan officer in the houston area when you get ready to move and look for a home loan let me know i can help..

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