anyone taking the new Alli diet pill?

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    So far I have lost 4 lbs in 3 weeks. You have to follow the diet as well. High fat meals will result in diarrhea. The most common side effect is oily spotting. I would recommend wearing a panty liner the first week.

    Check out the Alli website for more information. I have found the nutritional tracker very helpful.

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    Alli is a complete waste of money. If anyone ever read the warnings or the info on their web site, nobody would take the stuff.

    The reality is, in the manufacturer's own tests before they released the product, people who took Alli lost less than 1 lb a month more over the course of 12 months than people taking a placebo.

    You should just find out what the placebo was and go with that. You can read more about Alli here:

    If you really want to lose weight, you have to accept that you need to eat right and exercise. There are plenty of great programs you can follow that will give you real results and cost less than Alli. Check some out here:

    Hope that helps,

    Dave S.

    Owner, Perfect Fit Personal Training Studio

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    According to USA Today

    Nanci Hellmich

    Several dieters who are taking the new over-the-counter fat-blocking pill, Alli say the medication is keeping them from cheating on their diets because hey know that if they eat too much fatty food they might experience an urgent need to go to the bathroom, oily discharge, gas, or loose stools.

    The drug will block about 100-200 fat calories a day. At that rate, they would lose an extra pound every 2.5 to 5 weeks. One patient has lost 35 pounds in six months while on Xenical (prescription version of Alli) because she changed her life style and eating habits in order NOT to deal with the side effects from cheating.

    Per Alli people, Sales of Alli “are lining up with our expectations,” “People have to know that this is a program; it’s not a magic pill. They have to stick to this healthy, low-fat diet.”

    Benefits are also likely to be short-lived. Alli is marketed for short-term use only, and follow-up suggests that people start to regain weight once they stop taking it.

    Because Alli works on the digestive system and not the brain (telling you that you are full) You will have the same difficulties (fighting the need to eat high carb foods) that you have been having while on any other diet.

    Best of luck……..Hope it works !

    P.S. Purchase the product from GNC, you can at lease return it after 2 weeks.

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    I've taken Alli since it came on the market, about 4 weeks. In that time I have lost 8 pounds without changing my diet or exercise. I have changed from an evening heavy meal to a lite meal. I eat a heavier meal at lunch.

    I have no real side effects. Loose stools but certainly not out of control. I can handle meetings, etc without worry. I think they advertise the side effects so they don't get sued by some nut case. For me it is an excellent experience. I am excited to see where my weight ends up.

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  • 1 decade ago

    im taking it its awesome!!!!!

    i lost 3 pounds in like 3 days!!!!!

    whatever u wanna kno jus ask me


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    not me..but i was wonder if anyone was taking it. i would like to try it.

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