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Living above 96th St. on UES?

I'm White, my girl Asian, we live in Brooklyn and are considering a place in the Upper East Side. I hear things get sketchy above 96th. Anyone know if it would be safe?

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    Above 96th on the East isnt so good, but i live above 96th on the west, and its fabulous! Its really nice and definately safer than the east and whats best is that most people dont know about it because they think all of uptown is dangerous and ghetto.

    I have a one bedroom apartment in Inwood, Manhattan for a little more than one grand amonth! Thats unheard ofin this city! Where i live, the majority is Dominicans and i found them to be nice to newcomers of thier neighborhood considering that only 10 yrs ago, they were the new comers.

    its all relative, but check out west harlem (not central of east), washington heights (again , west not east) and Inwood (all good :))

    Dont believe anyone who says nothing good is above 96th street, they are missing out on one of the best kept secrets of manhattan (just dont tell your friends or my rent will go up)

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  • mac
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    Above 96th Street on the east side is Spanish Harlem. There has been attempts to gentrify the neighborhood but newcomers have faced unwelcomed residents. That's how the locals keep the rents low.

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  • Anonymous
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    above 96th street on the east side is sketchy, but my girlfriend and i just moved to 125th street on 8th avenue and we love it. i am white and am still the minority, but its a great part of town. we have everything we need out our door and are close to three express trains (A, D and 2/3) that get us into the city in no time. naturally the closer you get to broadway and the closer to the university the better it gets. so stay away from the east side, but the west is great up to 125th.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i absolutley hate going above 95th st on either the west or east side. i would not move there! if you looking to be closer to manhattan why not try williamsburg, i hear its really close to the city and im sure its a lot nice than where you are looking!

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