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what to do u think about exploitation of workers in print media which is focusing exploitation in society?

You may be shocked to hear that Indian media which is advocating against exploitation is itself exploits its reporters and leads them towards black mailing and corruption. Yes it is my personal exit is my personal experience . I am prepared to give this same statement as an affidavit.

In beginning I too trusted that media is beyond corruption and it is the last trust for a victim. But as well as I had entered in to the media as reporter in chittoor Andra Pradesh I had understood that media means exploitation by the management and leading journalists to corruption and blackmailing.

All the leading Telugu dailies are having their own news agency. For example :

Enadu-News today ; Andhrajyothi-Online, Vartha – Prabhatha vartha. ; Andhraprabha –keerthi News Net work. Every reporter other than staff reporter will be appointed only to the concern news agency.

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    every sector of society suffers from corruption.

    in the case of media it is very touchy because they are the one sector we expect to be unbiased, above corruption with very severe, punitive actions if found out. unfortunately it does not work that way.

    i am guessing it works even less for India. monopolies of press agencies+owners of printing presses+owners of the media conglomerate+the working of the culture+low pay+very little perks, etc etc all contribute towards this. it is not unusual.

    in the western hemisphere it is the same but not as severe. once exposed there are serious ramifications. 2001-2004ish journalists were not quite the lions they used to be for obvious reasons to do with the current administration. now as people are not as afraid, they are trying to get back on track. don't forget USA is the land of "All the Presidents Men" and "Shattered Glass". however, more and more "news" is spewing out of one or two giant corporations.

    for India i am guessing the single most issue is the cultural intricacies. what is needed is a massive breakthough somewhere somehow. more exposure in the media about the media+more Bollywood films about this sort of thing with worshipped heros (people will only watch it if it has the biggest stars)+more legislative issues bought to the fore concerning the media. it is a huge task and will take time.

    sorry your integrety was not rewarded. don't give up.

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    Hypocritical to the extreme!!

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