What does everyone think about the new organ donor system?

I think it is a great idea. I am not on the organ donor register, however it is not because i don't believe in it, it is just because i don't want to think about dying right now. If people feel strongly against it they can make the effort to say they definatley don't want their organs donated. I don't really see how it is taking away human rights

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    1 decade ago
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    i think its a good idea. At the moment, even if you carry a card and are on the register, your next of kin can over turn it. I dont see why people think its wrong or taking away human rights. I think the people who would refuse to do it should look a kid in the face and tell them they dont want them to have their organ. I bet they wont be able to

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    Its a fantastic idea. To 'the boss' there are organ donor cards found in all Doctors surgery, there isn't a shortage of donor cards, just a shortage of donors.

    It should have been done years ago. There are more people out there who would be willing, but forget about carrying the card. Now its up to those of you who don't want to donate to make sure you carry your DO NOT DONATE cards.

    Sooner the better. At last 1 thing this nanny/police state has got right.

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    It's just about as immoral as you can get.

    Last night on the news a little girl was described as 'dying because there isn't a kidney for transplant'. Well, no, actually. She's in that sad condition because she may have kidney disease or some other dreadful affliction.

    That is no reason for raiding my internal organs against my will on my demise in order to satisfy the need of an NHS which has signally failed to convince the population that organ donation is 'a good thing'.

    And, while we're on the subject, you don't hear of too many children of wealthy people - or wealthy people themselves - dying because of a lack of relevant organs. I wonder why?

    And so-called 'organ-trafficking', which is another old chestnut hauled out in defence of the new government-sponsored organ theft, is actually done 'to order'. Some wealthy patient, usually through his doctor, places an order with some gang of Euro thugs who then raid organs in the Far East or Middle East. Organ-trafficking does not supply our NHS.

    The new method is not 'donation'. It is not a gift. It is the absence of non-consent and that is hardly a sound basis for ethical behaviour.

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    I shall be interested to see this bill when it is published. How much time will they give relatives to produce evidence that the deceased was against giving his organs away? (My spouse happens to be anti and this puts pressure on me, although I might otherwise be amenable to the idea, as I don't want to cause additional upset when I pop my clogs.) Will it be considered to be utterly antisocial to object? Is there any guarantee that those in charge will ascertain that one is absolutely and entirely dead without any conceivable prospect of revival before they get out those knives and start chopping up one's carcase? Will foreigners dying in another jurisdiction also be deemed to have granted their consent to this act of butchery? Will every conceivable check be carried out to make sure that no disease is transmitted to a vulnerable person (the donee)? Will any exemption be allowed to Moslems, who feel strongly about having their bodies less than intact when they shake off this mortal coil? As I say, it should make interesting reading.

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  • 3 years ago

    certainly, some human beings think of that it's going to make the medical doctors attempt much less to save you! Or that their families would be left with a mutilated physique to bury. i'm a donor, yet maximum individuals do egocentric issues out of lack of know-how.

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    1 decade ago

    I think it's horse s h i t!

    I am really wierded out by the whole "organ donation" thing. It really freaks me out. I think that it is in breach of your human rights. It's as bad as those hospitals that got in all sorts of trouble for harvesting organs from bodies in their mortuary. I believe it was babies hearts and lungs. SICK!

    I think it is down to the governemt to promote organ donors. Before long it will be compulsary to give blood - I mean, whatever next?

    It's personal choice - the governmet seems to be taking more and more of our freedom away as time goes on.

    Who knows where this will lead us. Next they'll be wanting to test medicines etc

    Labour government - Pah!

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    Oh dear, I have an old style donor card, will it still work or do I have to do something different? I did not know that there was a new thing on the go!!

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    1 decade ago

    great idea, it should have always been that way, I don't want to sound callous, but if your dead, and there are organs that someone else can use, why not ? after all the greatest gift is life, and if you can give life to someone else, then what more can one do. (providing its not to a Muslim terrorist)

  • 1 decade ago

    I think its a bad idea. Why not bring out the donar cards again and give people a proper choice. Whats to say you put your name down on the ' I dont want to be canabalised ' list and they say, 'o, we didn't know' Forget it, stick to the cards. Not seen any for years, that could be the cause of a shortage of donars????? COMMON SENSE PLEASE PEOPLE....

  • 1 decade ago

    Great idea, when I'm dead what's left is just a shell if any parts can help someone else I'm all for it.

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