Is it ok to take a shower after lifting some weight?

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my mum and yaya said that its bad for me.. i used to work out before i take a shower. which is good? taking a shower before lift a barbel or after? then why? explain it clear for me more
Update : my mum and and my friend said that its bad for me, they said that it more
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Ok. I lift weights just like you. Taking a shower doesnt affect anything. I do exactly what you do, i lift some weights and then take a shower, thats what your meant to do. After you lift weights you feel sweaty so its good to take a shower after lifting weights i do the same thing.


I lift weights everyday.
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  • blue_eyes answered 7 years ago
    Working out and then showering is better, and here are the reasons why I feel this way:
    1. You cleanse yourself from all the sweat on your skin and in your hair and this will improve your hygiene and overall smell.
    2. If you take a warm shower this can help relax your muscles making it easier for them to recover and less of a chance for them to become sore throughout the rest of the day.
    3. If it was so bad, why would they provide showers at schools and gyms across America for people to use and tell them they are for use after they workout and not for use before?
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  • michele answered 7 years ago
    Showering pre-workout won't help remove the post-workout sweat. Be sure to shower AFTER your workout. Not only is it NOT harmful, it is important to get yourself clean after a workout (particularly if you sweat considerably).
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  • B A answered 7 years ago
    Off course , take a shower you will be in fresh without any stress in your face, You can enjoy the evening if you workout in the evening with friends & morning everybody will be taking shower as usually,
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  • angel_2free answered 7 years ago
    i think no
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  • wendy h answered 7 years ago
    i can't see how this can harm you, as you'd need to wash away the sweat you've worked up.
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  • Ari answered 7 years ago
    I don't see why taking a shower after lifting weight is bad. Just take a few minutes to cool down and jump on in.
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  • FMLYHM! answered 7 years ago
    taking a shower after working out is a must, to keep you from smelling sweaty. duh.
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  • Ashley answered 7 years ago
    Yep. Its best to shower after.
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