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How does a lease purchase agreement work for buying a home?

I would like to buy my neighbor's condo, and we both agreed on a lease purchase agreement( no down payment, e.t.c.) Can anyone tell me the legalities of this and exactly how it works without all the legal talk that I can't understand?

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    A lease/purchase option contract is contract that states that you have the right to buy the property at the end of the lease (or sooner) at the terms agreed upon at the beginning of the lease period. Generally, this term is about 1 year.

    A lease option usually gets a person comfortable with the property - does everything work etc. Secondly, it allows the buyer to save for the down payment or improve on credit to get qualified for the home loan.

    There are a few lenders that still allow a buyer to use the appraised price (at the end of the lease period) in the calculation of the loan to value. This is being phased out because housing prices have leveled off. What you will need to do is make sure the sales price of the condo is in line with the market. You are NOT obligated to buy the condo at the end of the period, you just HAVE the option.

    Look at other condos in the area for value etc. Talk with a mortgage professional and see if you could buy the condo at the end of the lease option at the price agreed upon etc. Negotiate, just because they are allowing a lease option does not mean they get to set all the terms. You can ask for seller paid closing costs as an example.

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    The solutions on your question are interior the settlement which you signed. without reviewing the language contained therein, there isn't any thank you to good respond. you will desire to insure which you have an honestly option to purchase, and not an settlement which you will purchase on the top of the three 3 hundred and sixty 5 days era.

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