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What is Richard Long's material practice & conceptual practice?

I don't understand the question...

What is material practise and conceptual practice? It's due tomorrow.


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    I think the question means what are the ideas behind his work (conceptual) and what materials are used in his sculptures.

    a) Conceptual

    Like others of the 1960s generation of British sculptors, Environmental artist Long sought to extend the definition of sculpture and with the idea that sculpture could be concerned not only with form and materials but also with place and distance, as well as the dimension of time.

    b) Materials

    He began by making simple geometric sculptures using natural materials in Nature. And then made sculptural works by walking, cycling and hitch hiking recorded his trail or markings by means of maps or photographs. For these straight, abstract and purposeless journeys, he makes use of the natural materials of the local terrain . e.g. at Silbury Hill (1970) his sculpture was in the form of spiral of "walked" mud. Some of his sculptures involve rocks and standing stones. In Alaska, e.g. he used driftwood.

    Source(s): Also British Art in the 20th century, London, 1987
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