Stem cell therapy when you're healthy?

My mom really believes in alternative medicine and has found this expensive drug that is said to increase the amount of stem cells in your body by 200%. Do you think these drugs work? And is if it does would there be any point in increasing your stem cells? There's nothing wrong with her, she's perfectly healthy. I just need some like scientific arguments to win her over apart from that it's a shitload of money out the window.

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    well the definition of leukemia and lymphomas are an over proliferation of hemipoietic bone marrow stem cells. also other cancer cells are thought to act like embryonic stem cells that dont have that "turn off" signal that mature cells have...i doubt this drug works but if it did i wouldnt take it..unless you want cancer

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    If your mom is a firm believer in alternative medicine I very much doubt that she will influenced by any such rubbish as facts. However there is NO way you can increase the number of stem cells in your body other than by having live cells from a donor, or cloned from donated cells, injected directly into your body as in a bone marrow transplant.

    The problem with all these scam medicines is that being classed as food supplements they do not come under the same rules and controls as real therapeutic drugs and so false claims and misleading labeling does not get any legal attention. Blatant lies about their effects can be seen in the idiotic claims of things like "hair restorers" (if a real one existed the inventor would make Gates look like a beggar) and "weight loss" compounds - 'eat what you want and watch the pounds drop off" type of thing.

    This is a scam and even if it did double the stem cell quantity in your body (it does not even specify which type of stem cell) it would not result in doing you any particular good.

    I wish you luck with your mom but I do not hold out much hope

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    If the drug actually does what it claims I would pay out my a** for some. You really need to research the drug itself. I doubt that there is any evidence to support their claims. If there is any reason to believe that it does what it claims than it could help keep her healthy and slow or even reverse aging. I'm sure that if it could really do that though it would be all over the news. So......research.

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