middle school girl GIRLS ONLY?

i am becoming a middle school i need help with makeup and other girl stuff

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    well you want to dress supa-duper cute don't wear anything that doesn't match...look at magazines like GL and stuff. don't worry about make-up b/c you'll look stupid b/c you'll probally be the only one whos mom lets them wear it! (okay i'm a little old to be answering this question...)

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    First of all don't try copy something (that is drastic) that other people are doing because "makeup looks" on other people will most definately not look good on everyone.

    I would say that you should start with either a black/brown lengthening mascara or black eyeliner (not both). You can wear a little bit of Covergirl powder (not too much, but just enough to create a smoother complexion). You also can wear some clear lip gloss or a pink shimmery one (like a shade from the Covergirl's Wet Slicks fruit spritzers line {which is advertised by Rihanna}). Stay natural with your face and choose only one feature you want to emphasize a little: Like your lips or eyes. Don't go overboard because it will look unnatural. Also, try something new with your hair, like if it's curly then go for a straight do or if your hair is straight then try curling it (with a ceramic curling iron) a few times a week.

    I am going to be a sophmore in highschool and I can remember those middle school days (especially 6th grade). Most of all just have fun, remember you are still a girl and you don't want to rush into womanhood!!! (because it can suck at times lol). Enjoy your transition and have fun experimenting with your new look!! ** if you want anymore help from a middle school retiree (lol) then feel free to email me at: topazgrll@yahoo.com

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    maybe be more specific when you say other girl stuff, 'cause it could mean a lot of things.

    for makeup, don't go overboard. uggh. when i started 7th grade, half the girls looked like they caked their faces on.

    personally, i'm going to be a 9th grader & i'm 15, and i never have really wore makeup to school. the only thing i'm going to wear this year is mascara, and only when i wear my bangs down.

    however, if you want something more, stick to mascara & gloss, and eyeshadow & eyeliner if you can wear it without looking too made-up.

    make sure you know how to apply it well & stuff, if you have trouble, then just do some google searches on how to apply makeup.

    hair-wise, get layers if you don't already have them.

    you might want to also consider getting bangs.

    i've got full bangs, but i can push them back with a headband, clip them back, push them to the side to look like side bangs, etc.

    & overall, just be yourself.

    if you pretend to be something or someone you're not, people will notice, and it won't be good attention.

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    In my opinion, I don't think women should wear makeup. Men don't wear it! Well, most of them. I don't think that you should put on any. But if you must, go to a mall and ask someone who works at a cosmetics store. Makeup and clothing express your personality, and makes certain things about you seem more bold. Wear what you want, when you want. Put on as little or as much makeup as you want, as long as it expresses who you are.

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    im now a sophmore in hs. middle school girls dont wear makeup. those that do, they look a hot mess. their hair is always neat but , they do wear lip gloss. we wore uniforms my last two years of middle school. you'll be fine as long as your clothes match and they're clean. need anymore help feel free to contact me at Pinkrose66666@yahoo.com

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    Well, When I was in middle school I didnt wear make up till 7th. If you want just try curling your eyelashes and adding mascara then you can add on from there.

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    ok first, your attitude and personality are way more important then looks. dont wear much makeup, maybe some lipgloss and mascara with some powder or foundation. clothes should look nice and be comfy... dont worry, middle school really isnt very different!

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    what ever you do DO NOT wear tons of make-up. especially on your first day, because youll just look like an idiot. just pick a really cute matching outfit. maybe from american eagle or something like that. really depends what kinda style you like. but american eagle is good for starters who dont know what style they really have yet.

    so i say you just wear a little bit of foundation ONLY if you have bad skin. and maybe a little bit of lipgloss, dont over due the lip gloss and dont wear tinted lipgloss either, make sure its clear. and well if you really really want to wear make-up add a little bit of mascara to your look but not so much that it clumps up

    follow my tips and you'll do great! =]

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    1 decade ago

    first of all you want to look older

    and dont wear make up if you want

    you can wear lip gloss and try going to stores

    like kohls or limited too..they have have cute girly


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    1 decade ago

    if u are new to middle school dont over do it. the older ppl will so be on you... in a bad way. it is not hott to over do it

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