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How of you out there seen V for Vendetta and cant help but think that could be done to us by the Republicans?

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  • Mark T
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    1 decade ago
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    Lets see, some of the similarities to any Fascistic system and the recent US congress and administration.

    1. Slavish support of the "Will" of the leader - check. This is so obvious that examples are not required.

    2. Marginalizing undesirables by accusing intellectuals, and "liberals" as a blanket being insufficiently strong on security or of questionable loyalty and or patriotism - check. Questioning the patriotism of various individuals who questioned the march to war (Including Brent Skowcroft, James Baker etc)

    3. Support for fringe political ideologues and disproportionate support of minority / irrational viewpoints - check. Undue support of non-rational Manichean ideology espoused by Neoconservative thinkers.

    4. Misuse of the mechanisms of the state for personal gain/goals - check. See Haliburton no-bid contracts.

    5. Cronism - check. Harriet Meyers, The Justice Dept management fiasco, "Brownie" to name a few. over 200 of 600 appointees from the Pat Robertson schools to vital government oversight positions.

    6. Heavy centralized party control and censorship of media outlets (Fox, AM Radio , WSJ etc) - check. See Outfoxxed.

    7. De funding of or questioning legitimate academic research, support for fringe research - check. See birth control, AIDS research year to year funding, hard-science [ energy conservation (terminated), fusion research (defunded for 3 years), anthrax vaccine research (terminated), homeland security research (terminated)], satelite monitoring of polutants (terminated), global warming monitoring (delayed), global warming basic science (distorted), creationist science/ intellligent design (support for), abstinence only sex ed (support for)]

    8. Implement "emergency protocols" or "laws" to "protect" but which actually serve to circumvent or prevent exersize of legitimate constitutional protections - check.

    Patriot act defines terrorist as anyone speaking, organizing or acting against the perceived interests of the office of the president - such as a war protester, or political opponent.

    PA includes provisions to strip citizens of their rights at the direction of the president. Implicitly stripping all citizens of their "inalienable" rights.

    9. Secret apprehension and detentions, torture, of undesirables - check. Various undisclosed prisons, extraordinary rendition, detain and release of some 2000+ legal aliens, citizens or foreign nationals based on highly dubious charges. All released , none charged. Typical detention time 9 weeks.

    10. Rampant misuse / misappropriation / abuse of classified intelligence agencies to further political goals - check. Where to begin, release of details of a multi-billion dollar CIA/NSA signals intelligence program which was highly effective, solely for political credit on Meet the Press, in 2004. Disregarding numerous CIA, NSA, DIA reports suggesting chaos in Iraq after invasion.

    11. Purging dissent from all aspects of military, civilian branches of government - check. Disbanding the CIA group responsible for tracking and developing intelligence on Al Quaeda group, because it had produced intelligence "at variance" with that of the "Office of Special Plans". Assignment of political operatives to run the CIA and NSA, subsequent purge of many "liberal" elements from CIA and NSA. Similar purges conducted at the Joint Chiefs, Pentagon staff, State Dept, Judicial etc.

    12. Failure to acknowledge and/or adapt to circumstances as they change around you - CHECK. Anthrax investigation terminated after 120 days, investigations halted before conclusions reached and the program to address related attacks at federal and public facilities was canceled. [ 2003,4]

    13. Failure to act against legitimate national threats for political gain. [ failure to work responsibly in the areas of "soft" threats, such as global warming, national debt or illegal immigration, failure of industrial/commercial sectors to address national conservation ], Katrina etc.

    Kind of makes on wax nostalgic for the old days when we discussed impeaching the president for getting a ******** in the oval office - doesn't it.

    I could go on but many may wonder why every would you think there was anything wrong?

    Source(s): Imperial Hubris The Looming Tower The One Percent Doctrine The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers Collapse The Patriot Act The Constitution of the US Neoconservatism - Why we need it. On Tyranny Neoconservatism - autobiography of an idea Mein Kamp Thoughts on Machiavelli The Prince Crito, Thucydides, Plato Monsters to Destroy Lab 417 Bioterrorism (various) The Taliban - book Vendetta Orwell Vonnegut Origin of Species The Panda's Thumb Office of Special Plans Rise and Fall of the 3rd Reich "On the origins of war and the preservation of peace"
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  • 1 decade ago

    Republicans are simply a different form of democracy where you instill the power in the person who was elected in a democratic manner. In V for Vendetta, it looked to me like a despotic fascism, in an Orwellian nightmare.

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  • gayman
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    4 years ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    Actually, the portrayal of London in that movie was more of a combination of Socialism and Communism under a dictator. In all honest, that isn't what the Republicans are steering us towards.

    That is what the Democrats (chief among them Hillary Clinton) are aiming for.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Eventually we will all love the Republican Party.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I believe the process has already started in more ways than we can even begin to know.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Indeed, the similarities were remarkable.

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