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anyone else out there hate those yogurts with the pieces of fruit?

i dont know what it is about them, the pieces of fruit gross me out! i like plain vanilla yogurt.. maybe chocolate or banana too. i just dont like those yogurts with 'fruit on the bottom' or 'natural pieces' mixed in! anyone else agree?

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    Not me, I love em. Matter of fact I just had one..

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    TOTALLY!!! i can NEVER find a yogurt without them!!!! and I don't wanna spend my time picking out tiny pieces of fruit for every I just get the kind thats 'fruit on the bottom' and take the liquid , like if its strawberry or something..and take the strawberry liquid and mix it in with the yogurt but leave the fruit on the bottom. then i get flavor without the fruit, and eat it until i reach the fruit. but right now im eatin dannon light and fit...and it BARELY has any fruit!!! I LIKE IT!! it doesnt have much fruit but it still tastes like blueberry or strawberry because its supposed to be carb and sugar control and more fruit, means more sugar. so yeah.

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    I agree....I mean yogurt isn't SUPPOSED to be chewed and those pieces of fruit kind of defeat the purpose of it being a "smooth" snack.. Not to mention there's also the possibility of some of those pieces getting stuck in your teeth which can cause some embarrassing moments if you don't have your toothbrush on hand afterwards....I do like the strawberry yogurt at Wendy's though.

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    Ahhhh!!! FINALLY A KINDRED SPIRIT! I detest the pieces of fruit... They don't even taste like fruit, they're like little pieces of slime.

    I remember in middle school, I had to sit underneath this massive column, and it was covered in bogeys these idiotic children wiped on it. I kept thinking that they'd fallen in my yogurt and that was what I was eating....


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    I love the yogurt but hate the fruit!! I love peach and strawberry yogurt but can't stand the fruit in them!!!!!

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    i totally agree! i want YOGURT not fruit!!!! I sometimes wonder if its real fruit. it tastes a little funny sometimes...i want something creamy. not somethinmg chunky!

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    Dude. YES! they look like little pieces of crap.



  • I lOve theose yogurtsss

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I hate that because it gets stuke in my throat!!!

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