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Why do illegal alien students get special in state college tuition discounts not available to Americans ?

The DREAM Act, which would allow illegal alien students to get special in-state college tuition discounts not available to native-born and naturalized American students, has been resurrected by the Dems. You’ll remember it was a piece of the failed shamnesty bill in the Senate. As I noted during the debate, the Dream Act would repeal a clearly worded provision in the 1996 Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA) that states:

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, an alien who is not lawfully present in the United States shall not be eligible on the basis of residence within a State (or a political subdivision) for any postsecondary education benefit unless a citizen or national of the United States is eligible for such a benefit (in no less an amount, duration, and scope) without regard to whether the citizen or national is such a resident.

Ten states defied that federal law and offered in-state tuition to illegal aliens: California, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, and Washington. The last time the DREAM Act champions tried to tack their scheme onto a larger immigration proposal, they snuck in language that would absolve those ten states of their law-breaking by repealing the 1996 law retroactively–and also offered a special path to green cards and citizenship for illegal alien students.

Now, Dick Durbin has announced he will stick the DREAM Act into the House Defense Bill HR1585. The lowdown is here. Durbin’s amendment would also welcome large numbers of illegal aliens into the military (you know, in addition to those the Pentagon has already allowed in).

The open-borders lobby couldn’t get shamnesty “comprehensively,” so they are doing it piecemeal, as I’ve warned many times. As before, it’s up to you to slay these mini-amnesty beasts.Contact your congressman here

The DREAM Act is an opening to all non-U.S. citizens, with extreme preference for those who violate U.S. law, to the financial aid and affirmative action systems.

First they increased Federal Student Loan interest rates and used the proceeds to "pay down the budget." Now, they will make America's college students and families bear the burden of educating the entire world.

What a way to destroy America's economy and society.

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    Well, I guess we need to give the coyotes something extra to put in their pamphlets on why their prospective clients should come. You can get credit cards using a falsified identity. You can ignore the law to get insurance in California that would cost a citizen up to 1000 dollars in fines. Free health care, welfare and cheaper college than Americans. It still may not be enough. We may need to offer free televisions, appliances and transportation next.

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    Add in quota's and affirmative action and colleges will be nothing more than a majority of minority's. When did ability and achievement become dirty words?

    BarB is, as usual full of (well you know). The scholarship opportunity's she speaks of are out there. Unless you are white. The NAACP provides for it's own, while the other asinine group known as the ACLU takes care of others. This is just another option of someone who isn't smart enough to pull her head out of her butt when she posts. People like her preach equality right up to the point that it is going to benefit a white person, or even worse a white man then it's a biased program and they scream it's not fair.

    Let's really play fair. Colleges admit students based on performance not skin color, the govt establishes a baseline cost for books, tuition, housing and dining then offers a 4 year student ed package that is actually based on performance. Offer the program for a max of 6 years and voila we solved a lot of problems and even save some tax dollars.

    Why won't we do this? Because too many people want a hand out not up. The last moronic thing she said was that students weren't bearing the cash burden which is again BULLSUGAR. The reason tuition fees have gone up EVERY YEAR for the last decade by an average of 6.8% is idiotic funding notions like this.

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    Sneaky ways our legislators use to get their way, despite it not being in the best interests of American citizens and legal immigrants. They tied shamnesty to secure borders, now they'll tie it to defense, hoping to get the support of terrified people who think the government is all that is preventing terrorists from climbing in their bedroom windows at night while they sleep.

    Primary education is already suffering as many schools have to cut traditional programs to fund ESL and remedial classes for illegal alien children. One school here cut Spanish and French classes for American kids to fund ESL. How much will they reduce financial aid to American kids in order to pay for the Dream Act? Legal foreign students can't get in-state tuition.

    Guess I'll be contacting my representatives in DC about this as well. The list grows and grows.

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    Because people like Barak Obama who voted for it--care more about minorities than Citizenship status. So do yourself a favor and remember that, come election time!

    Oh, and to the rest of you---I have $25K in student loans. How much do those "DESERVING" minorities and Immigrants have accumulated???


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    Yes many states offer in state tuition to illegals. i think by doing so the school is picking up some federal funds on the side.

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    What I have found is that more and more American people, and those who are here legally, tend to write their State Senators, and Congressman to get their answers. You have a right as a legal citizen to complain to them on everything, and about everything that is certainly and clearly unfair to you.

    Save the links in your faves for your future reference

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    If we were all smart enough to unite and not pay one cent in taxes, we could turn this country into the democracy that some people long ago dreamed it would become.

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    Well, Congress can make new laws and rescind old ones. This act would repeal that portion of the Immigration act of 1996.

    What this act would do would be to give educational opportunities for the CHILDREN of illegal immigrants who arrived here WITH THEIR PARENTS prior to the age of 16. They also must have graduated from a U.S. high school and must have no criminal record. They must prove that they have been here for at least 5 years.

    This isn't an open door for "illegal immigrants"....but rather, a scholarship for the children who were brought here AS CHILDREN......

    Don't be so hateful. All American children have many opportunities for scholarship to colleges and Universities. Nobody is being discriminated against. It's just too bad that many of our teenagers don't bother finishing high school much less attend college.

    And, they aren't MAKING college students and families bear this burden. The Colleges will use regular funding for the program.

    And, the reason the student loan interest rates are so high is because our government is greedy...not because of immigration.

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    I agree with the 1st poster. Screw being PC, any senator that votes for this needs to have a negative campaign thrown against them the likes which have never been seen. Any senater thats votes for this is rascist.

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    I do not understand why people get so fired up about some children of people who are illegal aliens getting an education. Isn't this nation founded on the concept that we should not judge children based on their parents actions?

    Furthermore, why should we have these programs anyway? I scored in the top ten percent on the ACT and come from a middle class household, but I did not receive any federal assistance when I went to college. Luckily with my high GPA and ACT, I got a full tuition scholarship from the college and its private donors. Shouldn't we make our system of financing higher education based on merit instead of the actions of the parents?

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