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Why are dried cherries so expensive?

I love the natural fruit but Jupiter they are so expensive...

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    When fruit is dried about 7/8 of the weight is lost from water.A pound of pitted cherries would yield around 2-3 ounces of dried fruit.The recent increase in produce prices has been due to the cost of gas/shipping,but if you add a poor year for cherry crops into the mix,it makes for an expensive food item.

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    the not-dried cherries are super expensive this year too. Egads, I bought a bag I thought would be less than $3.00 and it cost me over $6.60. I bought two bags and it ruined my grocery budget for the month. Luckily they lasted me 7 days. Are the comstock cherries that expensive? I haven't checked. Use that on angelfood cake.

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    Seems like all fruits and veggies have gone out of site this year.

    I love cherries too but they are so very outrageously expensive. Guess in my case they have to be transported across country. That's all I can figure.

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    Mostly because their season is so short. They are only fresh at early summer...

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