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how much would you pay for this new PC and also could you rate it from 1-10?

1) Intel CORE 2 DUO E4300 1.8GHZ

2) A Motherboard w/details @

4) 1 GB of RAM

5)80 GB HDD hard drive

6)mATX case($30.00) Power Included 300w

7)Video-208PCI-128TV GeForce MX4000 128MB 64-bit DDR PCI Video Card with L-P Bracket

8)Sound: w/motherboard

9)LAN: 10/100 Mb/s

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    I rate that a 4


    I just purchased:

    AMD Athlon 64 2.30GHZ

    2GB ram

    250GB HD

    19" Widescreen LCD flat panel monitor

    Nvidia 128MB video card

    Sound w/motherboard

    10/100 Mb/s

    Media card reader

    16X DVD+/-RW Drive

    Full version CD/DVD burning software

    13 in 1 Media card reader

    Shipped for $700. I say look for something better!

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    $600 and maybe a 6.5

    You should not rely upon the included power supply, it will be a piece of crap.

    nobody seems to be too keen on your computer - but it's not bad. The Core 2's are GREAT processors. They run cooler than the last generation and they are just plain fast. Yahoo cut off your link - but MSI makes a good mobo. Any naysayers are probably just asus fanboys. The truth is that if you go with Asus, Abit, Gigabyte, or're getting a good board. I just assumed you're buying standard, name brand ram (the cheapest you could find it) and a 7200RPM 16MB Cache standard SATA II hard drive from maxtor or WD. The video card really doesn't look like anything special - but what are you using the machine for? Also...if You are planning on putting Vista on this machine, get 2GB of ram (or basically as much as the hardware will allow) because Vista runs SLOW compared to XP - it is a resource hog. If you were to run Linux on that machine - it would scream, but I know that's not for everyone. If you're a gamer and you plan on using windows - then get a better graphics card and more ram and DEFINITELY get a different power supply. Expect to spend around $100 for one. People so many times just think any old power supply will work, but it just isn't the case. I work for these three companies:,, and Get a name brand power supply. Seasonic makes an great unit, and most Antec and Rosewill are also well made. Building a computer can be fun. As others suggested, you should look up some components on ebay. Also has free shipping deals all the time which can save you ALLOT of money ($5 - $30 per component). Have fun!

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    The link to the motherboard does not work.

    We don't know the brands of the Ram, Hard drive, or the power supply.

    The video card is 7 years older than the rest of the computer.

    Look it up on ebay. There you can find a good comparison price.

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    between $500 and $600 at most

    nothing special there

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    $600 at most.

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