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Will the internet maintain its integrity?

Will it last as a forum for communication that grants people the freedom to post their ideas and opinions, or will it be phased out like (in my opinion) television as a predominantly mindless grounds for advertising and distraction?

Don't get me wrong, there are some great, informative, stimulating TV shows, but for the most part I feel it's pretty useless.

I know the answer here is a given, I just want to see what people think. It's so easy to get onto the internet and end up doing or watching something completely different from what you had in mind.

Can you ever beat actually having a conversation with someone?

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    integrity? hmmm, interesting choice of words.

    it is a path for discovery, but there are many forks in that path. there's something new to uncover at every turn, due to the way the internet is designed (links). on a related note, on a related note, see also... everything links to everything else, which makes searches easy and logical. or fruitless and frustrating - integrity intact.

    it is a forum. here is where it shines. access to opinions, people and cultures you never dreamed about. search engines will put you and me right up there with the biggest names in news, politics, business. they might not like that, we'll see if they can find a way to curtail that, or make more money off it. i bet they don't - integrity maintained.

    credibility - just because it has nice graphics and 'experts' doesn't mean it's true. let the reader beware, there are more snake oil sellers with forked tongues here than there ever were in the wild west, and here you can't always be sure who you're dealing with - integrity nil.

    technically, it's amazing to me how well the net works. with all the possibilites for sabotage, all the redundancies seem to be largely holding their own. i still feel that someday there will be a global crash or a terrorist attack on the net that will make NYC's power blackouts look like small fries, but until then - integrity strong.

    as a tool, it saves time, resources and money unless you count the power necessary to run servers, personal computers, and the like. as a way to save trips and pay bills online, schedule meetings, hold conferences via webcam, and share and purchase items, it's an unparalelled convenience - integrity strong.

    made your point. on the whole, i think the internet is a sound concept, well maintained, and ubiquitous. we expect it and are comforted by its reliability and ability to share ourselves with the world or with only ourselves if we choose. that flexibility is why i think it's going to last and last, but perhaps in a different form years from now.

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    Two words you should never put together in the same sentence; Internet and integrity. Just ask all the child molesters and stalkers on the web daily.

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