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How can Al Qaeda turn Iraq into a terror state if the vast majority Iraqi Shiites/Kurds kill & kick them out..

of Iraq?

Unlike US troops Muslims are experts at killing other Muslims mostly because Muslims know who the terrorists are especially foreigners who make up most of Al Qaeda in Iraq.

There are about 25 Million Iraqi Shiites & Kurds to hunt down & kill Al Qaeda in Iraq. There are only about 150,000 US troops. Just do the math & you'll figure it all out.

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    The irony of the terrorist movement seems to be lost on a lot of Middle Easterners. If these insurgents had simply waited to begin their mayhem, we probably would have withdrawn six months after liberating the country from Saddam.

    It is the insurgents' opposition to the new Iraqi government that forces us to remain. Had the insurgents waited until we left, we probably would only have sent token forces back to stabilize the country.

    Once our forces have left, it should be much harder to get new recruits. There won't be much of a visible U.S. presence and I think the Iraqis are going to be brutal towards further insurgent activity. We've all heard about their jails and penchant for using torture. Getting new volunteers to oppose the democratically elected Iraqi government is going to be a really hard sell, and that will mean we have won. We went to Iraq to oust Saddam and implant Democracy, and this Democracy will thrive even without our assistance and direction.

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    We don't have to hunt down the Kurds, Turkey will do that for us. All we have to do is put a bunch of cows in the region (400 million or so), and have them raise the temperature of that region, what from 120 degrees F, to say 200 degrees F then it will just kill them all from Regional Global Warming, yes cows have that kind of power.

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