okay, i have a girls name, i just have a problem with a boys name, HELP!?

okay, im about to be 4 months pregnant on saturday :D and we hope we are having a girl, but as you know theres a 50/50 chance of having a boy too. but we have decided if its a girl its definitely going to be Cheyenne Elizabeth Henley, we love it <3 but the problem is we cant decide on a boys name. he doesnt want a jr. so his name is out of the question (he's Joe). and heres where the real problem starts, my mom wants me to name it after her dad if its a boy, if thats the case his name would be William. A) i dont like that name B) i really didnt like my grandfather. so i told her no, it would be my son and i would rather have a name that i like. but joe wants to name it after his grandfather Gus. A) i still dont like it B) i dont think it would be fair to my mother she asked first and i really think its important for me to like my childs name lol, but we are at such a standstill now i dont know what to do. with the last name henley can you guys help me think of first and middle names


and i dont like all the names ending in den .. like brayden, jayden .. ect :D but thanks for reading this i really dont know what to do .. lol

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    hmm well for starters congrats on the new baby

    the names i came up with for ur last name are

    ryan mathew henley

    jacob austin henley

    dominic james henley

    jackson connor henley

    cameron marshall henley

    let me know if u like any of these and god bless you hun


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    Cooper James Henley

    Carter James Henley

    Anderson William Henley

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    Cody and Nichole are a little on the overused side, honestly. Jayden is getting that way, although it really depends on WHEN you have the baby as to what is going to be popular. Jade is lovely and is actually one of my favorite girl names. I rank it right up there with Harley and Jacqueline. For boys....Sage would be my first pick. I also like Alexander (because there are so many different nick names for a very distinguished sounding base name) and Dominic (for the same reason). The key to naming children is to remember that your son or daughter may WANT to be a lawyer when they grow up and choose the first name accordingly. Middly names are the place to put your fave if it happens to be on the risky side.

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    Liam Joseph (William is a form of william)

    Hank Joseph

    Mycah Joseph

    Mitchell Joseph

    Zavier Joseph

    Ethan Joseph

    Evan Joseph

    Andrew Joseph

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    It is important for you to like your child's name. Hopefully you and your husband can come to some sort of compromise. At least you have 5 more months to work something out!

    Some ideas...

    Samuel, Caleb, Aaron, Thaddeus, Joel, Daniel, Nolan, Owen, Bryce, Chandler, Tobias, Lachlan, Mathias, Wesley, Shane, Lucas, Oliver, Henry, Elliot, Levi, Eli, Nathaniel, Brennan, Calvin, Grant, Gareth, Jeremy, Kyle

    Henry Nolan, Calvin Daniel, Levi Samuel, Kyle Brennan, Aaron Wesley

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    How about Jacob Dean Henley?

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    Jeremiah Kayne (means intelligent) Henley.

  • 1 decade ago

    Shane Elias

    Chance Elias

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    Why not name a boy Cheyenne? I've heard it as a boy's name, too. I've also seen Cheyne----pronounced Shane----which is also nice for a boy.

    Cheyne Kellen Henley sounds good.

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