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My minpin is a yr. and a half and is using the bathroom in the house....help?

He does number 2 in the house atleast once a day. He knows he's not supposed to do it because when he's done he will run upstairs under my bed, and when i bring him to it do show him that he isnt supposed to do it, he trys to get away and wont look at it.. i need some suggestions on what to do now. he knows he's supposed to do his business outside..he'll pee out there but number 2 in the house.. any help??


mature people and answers please

Update 2:

Yeah, he is neutered

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    Small dogs like Miniature Pinscher, seem to be exceptionally hard to house-train. Have you tried litterbox training him? Unless it is a must that he goes to the bathroom outside.

    House Training Rule Number One: This is The Most Important Rule – If you don't catch your puppy doing it - then don't punish him for it!

    House Training Rule Number Two: Praise your puppy when things go right. Don't let this be a situation where your only action is saying "No" when they are caught in the midst of using the wrong area. If they do it right – let them know!

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    Is he neutered? You may want to start figuring out about what time of the day he does it and put him out or take him on a walk at that time. Other then that talk to your veterinarian. And if he isn't neutered you may want to get that done not only for behavioral reasons but for health reasons.

    Source(s): 3 years expierence in the veterinary field
  • Hi Texas Gal-

    Small dogs are harder to housebreak. That's just a fact of life. Just keep working with him and be patient. The more angry you get with him, the more frightened he will become of you - that's why he's hiding under the bed - he knows you can't get him there.

    Patience, kindness and persistence will always prevail.

  • first of all when you bring him down to it, its too late you have to catch him doing it to correct him. he is only trying to get away because he knows that you are anrgry.when you catch him doing it take him imediatly outside and then reward him. keep doing this untill he gets it.

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