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For the endothermic reaction N2O4(g) 2NO2(g) what is the effect of adding NO2 to the reaction vessel?

the reaction will shift left to right

the reaction will shift right to left

there will be no further reaction

what happens depends on the temperature

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    well if it's N2O4 --> 2NO2, then adding more NO2 will shift the reaction to the left in order to reach an equilibrium.

  • lesser
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    seem on the equation N2O4 <==> 2 NO2 the equilibrium consistent, ok = [NO2]^2/[N2O4] is often consistent. in case you upload NO2 to the vessel, greater N2O4 must be made out of NO2 to maintain the equilibrium. This shifts the reaction to the left. it is endothermic, meaning warmth is fed on during the approach. including warmth will inspire the reaction - or shift it to the acceptable.

  • Gary D
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    The reaction will shift to the left as fish slapper mentioned, but this reaction is EXTREMELY temperature dependent, hence the reason why it is endothermic.

    Adding or removing heat (AKA: cooling) will shift the reaction to the left or the right.

  • Anonymous
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    please rewrite the equation, i dont see any arrow anywhere. if it is N2O4 <-> 2NO2, then adding NO2 will make it shift to the left. this is because adding more of NO2 will alter the equilibrium, which means more of N2O4 needs to be created (shifting it to the left).

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