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If Al-Qaeda is our biggest threat re an attack on U.S. soil, why aren't we bringing some soldiers home?

to protect our homeland. Instead, we're talking about sending more over to IRAQ! WTF. This is pissing me off.

"Although we have discovered only a handful of individuals in the United States with ties to al Qaeda senior leadership since 9/11, we judge that al Qaeda will intensify its efforts to put operatives here," the report said.

"As a result, we judge that the United States currently is in a heightened threat environment," it said.

"What we're trying to remind people of is this is a real threat," he told reporters before the report was released. "This is not an attempt to divert."


IMHO-Planes, not mortars, were used to attack us on 9/11 so we can't just worry about that. They appear to be quite crafty.

And from previous reports, Al-Qaeda is as powerful as it was on/before 9/11 so what exactly are we doing over there???

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    Keep the population scared and intimidated. Once the population is willing to sacrifice liberty for protection, the fascist state can rule supreme (Patriot Act, Warrantless Wire Tapping, Extraordinary Rendition, etc...). Protection of the homeland is less of a concern than protecting interest of big business, power and greed.

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    First of all Bush is not brain damaged, he did not cause this situation its been brewing for years, The attack on Iraq was/is needed to stop Sadamm reign of terror upon his on people. The entire planet thought the man had WMD and that had to be addressed. None were found becuase we waited too long to respond.

    The war so to speak had to be brought to their turf. After 9-11 it seemed like the door to the US was wide open for more attacks. We had to slow them down some while we tried to build to homeland security, as bad as it is. ( Mostly becuase of political squabling)

    Who did not know that there would start to be troop withdrawls come close to elcetion time? Come on now I really don't thik anyone here is that naive ( or stupid). The fact of the matter this report was released for that very reason. To have folks want more national security here it home. Come on y'all!

    The fact of the matter though is that we will always have a presence there, just like Germany, Italy, Japan and other places around the planet. You notice that no other military has a base her in the US? Because like it not, we are the tail wagging the dog. Heck, I'm good with it!

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    Soldiers can't protect us from Al-Qaeda in the US because their attacks won't be the kind that can be countered militarily. What is required is an unrelenting and diligent focus on both foreign and domestic intelligence combined with equally consistent watchfulness on the part of local law enforcement agencies around the country.

    My own pet theory is that Al-Qaeda has had the capacity to strike again for some time, but since we are still chasing our own tails in the wake of 911, they see no need. So let's keep doing it.

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    we are preventing them from coming here, would you rather them come to us, that doesn't make any sense.

    we have?? than why were the in the anbar province fighting against us, and now some of the Irai people who were helping them are helping us??

    we are at threat that is what the homeland security and law enforcement is for as well as the many National Guard and Coast Guard troops still here in the U.S.

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    The big problem with your pissed off-ness is that, except in special circumstances, and withing strict parameters, federal troops are not allowed to act as law enforcement within the US. I for one am grateful for that.

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    Some people just never understand; would you rather fight them here or would you rather fight them in Iraq?

    I wonder how you would feel if it were a family member of yours that was killed on Sept 11.

    Besides we are to busy fighting left wing liberal extremist here at home.

    Boy you seem pretty thick headed,and set in your ways,too much for open discussion.

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    Don't you believe ($1200.00 haircut, pretty boy) Edwards? There really is no war on's just a Bush bumper sticker slogan.

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    Gosh, Bon, maybe it's because Al Qaida is training in Iraq and maybe, just maybe, we'd like to keep them there and stop them there then wait until they get here to take care of it. I'm just thinkin'....

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    Why don't we bring them home from Germany and Korea and other countries that don't need them as badly as we do? I guess they want less voters next election.

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    because there aren't stashes of mortars & RPG's in every other house in America.

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