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Who do you think is the best Iranian player in AFC cup 2007?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    In the AFC 2007 so far Iran has played two games:

    Iran 2 - 1 Uzbekistan

    Iran 2 - 2 China

    Unfortunately Iran's Ali Karimi played poorly and unlike himself against China and was subbed out the second half. Without a doubt I would vice for him as Iran's best player but we're talking the AFC cup 2007. Bayern Munich's star forward has to step it up!

    So far after watching both games Iran has played thus far, I have been impressed by three players:

    Fereydoon Zandi, who's hard effort and good play making thus far has helped us tremendously. He doesn't play for German club teams for no reason. He is the reason why we were able to tie China being down 2-0 scoring a phenomenal free kick beyond the box to make it 2-1 giving our players life. We dominated the second half and should have won by a couple goals but weren't able to connect.

    Next is Mehdi Mahdavikia. He is the team's captain for a reason. His amazing speed, dribbling skills, precise passing, and cannon are the reason why he plays for Germany's Hamburg team. I am sure he will score multiple times in the future games.

    Next is Vahid Hashemian. This guy gives his all game in and game out. He is a great forward with strong striking skills and excellent height and positioning for headers. He always manages to split 2 defenders or pivot himself, turn and get a shot off no matter how many defenders around him. He improves in every game.

    Honorable mention:

    Can't forget our defensive beasts like Hossein Kaebi, Rahman Rezaian. Hard working midfielders like Javad Kazemian, Andranik Teymoorian, Mobali, and Ennayati.

    I strongly believe it will be IRAN vs. JAPAN in the finals.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Vahid Hashemian. I didn't see him much during the Bundesliga season but I'm looking forward to watch him play at Germany this season. His crosses was so accurate, blistering pace and have great strength. I'm feeling very lucky to see such an Asian player to play like European footballers right now. He is also nicknamed "helicopter", or hubschrauber in German, due to his outstanding ability to hang in the air. Even though he had a bad season with Bayern, but I don't think that will stop his improvement. Maybe he is 30 but with his skill I hope he will keep on playing until he 35 or 37.

    Vahid Hashemian is my favourite Iranian player even though I'm a Malaysian.

  • 1 decade ago

    Vahid Hashemian.

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