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Biggest rivalry in baseball?

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    1) Red Sox vs. Yankees

    2) Cubs vs. White Sox

    3) Mets vs. Yankees

    4) Giants vs. Dodgers

    5) Cubs vs. Cardinals

    Two through five are all close but the biggest rivalry by far is Red Sox vs. Yankees...the others don't even come close. I know people from the West and Mid-West don't like to hear that but face's true. Every Red Sox vs. Yankees game (even in April) has a playoff atmosphere...not many other (if any at all) rivalries can say that.

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    Good question as there are plenty out there. The Cubs/Cards rivalry is still going strong but its mainly geared toward the fans, as I personally have nothing against the members of the team but most of the fans I have met are egotistical asses.

    Right now the rivalry between the Cubs and Brewers is really hot. It should prove to be very interesting when it comes down the wire this year.

    Now, the Cross Town Rivalry is just as hot as it ever has been. There is a true love/hate relationship there. Ever since the fans said that they didn't need or want the Cubs fans cheering for them in the WS, there has been a lot of animosity there and rightfully so. If the Cubs go this year, I think the Sox fans should stay the hell away from Wrigley. We don't or need any Black Sox making any bets and ruining it for everyone.

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    Giants and Dodgers - Fans have killed eachother during these games.

    Yanks and Sox - Even though this is one sided, the rivalry is in the stands.

    Cards and Cubs - One sided again, but a rivalry indeed

    A's and Angels - This is a new rivalry

    Braves and Mets - this could develop

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yankees-Red Sox



    Twins-White Sox


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    Yankees vs. Red Sox (#1)

    Mets vs. Yankees (#2)

    Angels vs. Dodgers (#3)

    White Sox vs. Cubs (#4)

    Reds vs. Indians

    Astros vs. Rangers (#5)

    Orioles vs. Nationals (first time rivalry since 1971)

    Blue Jays vs. Nationals (old rivalry as Jays vs Expos)

    Pirates vs. Philles

    Tigers vs. Jays

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    1. Dodgers-Giants

    2. Yankees-Red Sox

    3. Cubs- White Sox

    4. Dodgers-Padres

    5. Cincy-Pittsburg

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    1. Yankees and Red Sox

    2. Cubs and White Sox

    3. Dodgers and Giants

    4. Cubs and Cardinals

    5. As and Padres

  • GPC
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    1. Yankees / Red Sox - Biggest by-far

    2. Dodgers / Padres - The Battle for Southern California

    3. Yankees / Mets - Battle not on the field, but on the sports pages.

    4. Braves / Mets - Both are always trying to beat the other

    5. Red Sox / Devil Rays - Yeah, I know it sounds dumb, but ever since the Pedro Martinez / Gerald Williams episode there's almost always words / fists exchanged when they meet.

    I know I probably missed a few, but hey I tried anyways.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yankees/Red Sox




    Cubs/White Sox

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. Yankees vs Red Sox

    2. Yankees vs NY Mets

    3. Cubs vs. Cardinals

    4. Mets vs. Cards

    5. Braves vs. Mets

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