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Why Oracle ?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    As a Linux hobbyist with little money to burn, I will assume you mean Oracle Linux. Use Oracle Linux if you have a pre-existing contract with Oracle and can supplement their support with your own people.

    As far as the Oracle database goes, it is a mature stable product. It is costly but one of my friends who retired to become a contractor has had some nice contracts recently helping to install it. Even today some companies will find that it is a good solution for them.

    It's really fun to disrespect Oracle. It's not very productive though. Oracle Linux is one of several repackagings of Red Hat, and they have said nothing to suggest that they are doing anything to make their version distinctive and worthwhile. Red Hat Enterprise Linux remains a good, stable and well-thought out-project. Fedora is one of the best "testing" distributions out there. While Oracle doesn't stand out versus CentOS, White Box or even -- though I know some people will argue with this -- Wazobia Linux, the product they are basing it on is of genuine excellence. And Oracle's SQL Database, after all these years, also retains a lot to recommend it.

    I'm not part of their target audience. There may be some things I've missed. For some people, though, Oracle is the answer, whatever you think of them otherwise.

    Some smart IT people don't like the Red Hat corporation either, though personally I've had several good experiences with them and no bad ones.

  • 1 decade ago

    Oracle is the best database available in the market since it follows more than 11.5 of the 12 rules given by E.F.CODD for the relation database..........latest software available are ORACLE 9i,10g, can use any of them.......these all are much better than any database software and also ORACLE is among the few software which can use the hard disk additional quality to ensure that your data is not lost on abnormal termination...........

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