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What are the best job opportunities for recent MBA grads?

I've got a BBA in Accounting and I finish my MBA in December and I'm trying to figure out what to do after I graduate. I've tried looking at the online job sites, but company recruiters don't often advertise there. Are there any recent MBA grads out there who got a job they love with a great company who would be willing to share? Any help is appreciated!


My background is largely accounting, but I am very interested in the management function rather than simply bookkeeping. My MBA is not "concentrated" intentionally. I took several accounting classes, but I wanted to broaden my knowledge base rather than "paint myself into a corner" professionally. I'm not your stereotypical accountant. I love to be creative; hence I am very interested in marketing and advertising. I also thoroughly enjoy working with people, so I'd rather not just be trapped in an office for 50 hours every week. Leadership Development Programs are a very appealing to me. My interests are very broad, but hopefully that narrows it down a little bit. Thanks again for your help!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I'm a corporate recruiter. You've got a great background....Before I can suggest any websites, I first need to know what is it you'd like to do. I don't want to assume your desire is to land a job in corporate finance, or, tell me and I'll be more than happy to assist. Also, do you have any area of concentration in your MBA studies?

    You might consider management training programs (most Fortune 500 Cos.), brand management (if your MBA has strong marketing), supply chain management, consulting, etc. It's just too broad....determine what is it you like to do, such as technical analysis, working with teams, presentations, travel, creativity, etc.


    Companies to consider:

    Corporate environment with marginal travel, who maintain strong-moderate MBA recruiting programs, as well as leadership development/rotational opportunities:

    - Procter & Gamble

    - Coca Cola

    - Pepsi

    - Honda

    - Starbucks

    - Amazon

    - IBM

    - Johnson & Johnson

    - MasterCard

    Check out Forbes' Fortune 500 List, and go to the company sites that you might have an interest in pursuing employment. Check out the link gives you a snapshot of MBA work in various business units/functions.

    also check out the following site for a broadbased search:

    Good luck!

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