How bad does your eye prescription have to be to be legally blind?

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My eye prescription is at -7.00, I know that's not legally blind, but I have a friend who is -10.00...and I would figure that -10.00 is the minimum for legal blindness. But I more
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Legally blind has nothing to do with your numbers.
It has to do with how well the prescription helps you see.
If a -7.00 or -10.00 makes you see 20/20 you are not blind.
If you can only see 20/200 or worse with the best correction possible then you are legally blind.

Definition of Legal blindness

Legal blindness: The criteria used to determine eligibility for government disability benefits and which do not necessarily indicate a person's ability to function.

In the US, the criteria for legal blindness are:

Visual acuity of 20/200 or worse in the better eye with corrective lenses (20/200 means that a person at 20 feet from an eye chart can see what a person with normal vision can see at 200 feet);

Visual field restriction to 20 degrees diameter or less (tunnel vision) in the better eye.
Note that the definition of legal blindness differs from country to country and that the criteria listed above are for the US.
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  • Kei-Kei answered 7 years ago
    Well mine is -13 and I am only 28! But I will look it up and get back to u because I am concerned also!
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