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can some one translate this to vietnamese??? please?

I really need this done, I have to write it in vietnamese. Thanks in advantage. 10 points garanteed.

HI how are you. I hope all in your family are ok.

I am wondering if you have talked to ---- about the schoolarship. I point this out, because now it is the right time to do the process. But first you have to register in the college and then you do all the paper work for it. Its so easy and it is a great help. Please take advantage of this even if the information comes from me.

Have a great day at work and take care princess.

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    Dạo này cô ra sao? Mong gia đình cô được bình yên.

    Không biết cô đã nói chuyện với ..... về vụ học bổng chưa. Tôi nhắc chuyện này vì bây giờ là lúc nên bắt đầu thủ tục. Tuy nhiên trước hết cô cần ghi danh và sau đó điền giấy tờ. Thủ tục cũng dễ thôi và rất có lợi cho sau này. Cô nên xúc tiến ngay đi.

    Chúc cô đi làm tốt đẹp.

    I use "cô" to refer to the girl. A girl, isn't it? You said "princess". Some would suggest to call her "em" but that's presumptuous unless she is your girl friend or considers you as her older brother.

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    i know vietnamese, but damn thats a long letter, if you can pay me for it i'll do it. haha

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    go to

    hope this works!

    good luck

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    du mah may

    le wu cuc de mah

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